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What is a Penis Pump?

A Penis Pump is one of the several ways to treat the erectile dysfunction (ED) without using the drugs or medicines. It is also known as a Vacuum erection pump or Vacuum pump. This machine is used by the man having erectile dysfunction, which help them without taking medicines.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

If a man finds it difficult getting or keeping firm enough erection to be able to have a satisfactory sex or other sexual performance. Often men have occasionally experience that find difficulty with penis becoming firm or stay hard. The erectile dysfunction is become of serious concern if on a number of occasions the sexual performance is not satisfactory. At the early times it was considered as a non-treatable problem. With the passage of time as the successful developments are made in technology people come to know about the medication for this purpose. Another barrier was that men having problem with their sexual performance were reluctant to talk with their doctor. Now things have changed and people are more aware and have knowledge about the things, they not only discuss their issues with the doctor but also look for the better option of solving the issue. Erectile dysfunction is not only well understood but it has various treatments too.

Causes of erectile dysfunction:

There are many possible causes of erectile dysfunction which can be medical, psychological, organic or any other. The normal erectile function may get affected by the blood flow, nerve supply or hormones.

Physical Causes of Erectile dysfunction:

The physical causes can be the result of heart disease or narrowing of blood vessels, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome & obesity, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, hormonal deficiency, any injury in the pelvic area or spinal cord, radiation therapy.

Psychological Causes of erectile dysfunction:

There is condition called primary erectile dysfunction in which a man always have an Erectile dysfunction, if there is no possible physiological issue or anatomical deformity it is always considered as because of the psychological issue. Such psychological issues include guilt, depression, severe anxiety and fear of intimacy.

The medical and psychological causes may overlap in few cases.

Treatment for the erected dysfunction:

There are many known treatments for this problem of men that work well and give the desired results.  The treatment includes:

  • Drug Treatment

A group of drugs may be used by the people suffering from the erection dysfunction. The medicine which contains pills is taken 30 to 60 minutes before doing any sexual activity. The group of drugs can be used by the men is called as PDE-5 where PDE stands for phosphodiestrase. Most commonly used pills are

  • Sildenafil
  • Vardenafil
  • Tadalafil
  • Avanafil

The drugs come with absolutely side effects, so the side-effects of using PDE-5 group of drugs include: visual abnormalities, indigestion, headache, hearing loss and flushing.

Drug usage is not preferred by a lot of people because of their way of usage which is neither easy nor comfortable. Locally acting drugs are taken by the people who can’t choose oral treatment; most of the men prefer a pill.

  • Online Pharmacies

Online pharmacies enable the people to buy their drugs and medicines online. They are the legal pharmacies having the license for the satisfaction. It allows people to get direct access to expert or consultant for the sake of advice.

  • Vacuum Devices

It is the best suitable for the people who are fed up of taking medicines and drugs. It is the mechanical way of producing an erection for the men having erection dysfunction. Vacuum pump makes the penis firm and strong by drawing sufficient amount of blood to flow through it.

These vacuum devices are not favored by the people who want spontaneous results. The suction is used to make the sufficient quantity of blood to flow through penis because of which requires time and due to which it is used prior to perform any sexual activity. It seems like a time taking process.

  • Surgical Treatments

The several surgical procedures are performed to give help the erectile dysfunction to the men suffering from it. The treatment options involve:

  • Penile implants
  • Vascular surgery

The surgical treatment is the last option which is provided in the most extreme cases. The surgical treatment is the painful process and it takes the time to recover. Despite the fact that it is a difficult option to opt for, the success rate is high.

What are the components of Penis Pump?

Penis Pump is the best option for the one with the mild erection Dysfunction. The device penis pump consists of the following parts:

  • A tube, that fits over penis
  • A ring or a seal which fits around the base of the penis
  • Vacuum pack that is used to remove air from the tube and triggers an erection, this vacuum pack may be hand-powered or battery-powered.

How Does the Penis Pump Work?

People usually find it strange and awkward using Penis pump at start but it is quite easy to use this simple device. Following are the steps to use the penis pump:

  • In order to use the Penis Pump properly first of all, place the tube over penis gently, it is suggested to use lubricant to avoid any irritation from the tube on the penis.
  • If it is a battery powered device then turn on the pump and in the case if it is hand powered use the hand pump to start removing air from inside the tube, the user will feel the change in air pressure as the vacuum is created. This lowering of air pressure will draw the blood into the shaft of the penis, making it swell and become erect. This whole process of erection takes only few minutes.
  • When the penis become erect, carefully slide the retaining band down on to the lower end of penis.
  • Release the vacuum, remove the tube of pump from the penis and now one may engage in the intercourse or sexual activity.

The penis pump with the constriction ring are named as vacuum constriction pump, the ring is helpful in sustaining the erection as when the erection is achieved, one can place the constriction ring around the base of the penis before removing the tube. The concentric ring maintains the erection by limiting the blood flow from the penis. Penis ring should not be wear for more than 30 minutes as it can affect the blood flow and harm the penis.

What are the Different Types of Penis Pump?

There are different types of penis pump are available in the market which are different in specification as well as the functions. Customer may made selection of the type of vacuum pump according to their choice and need. Three major types of Vacuum or Penis Pump are as follows:

  • Air Based Penis Pump
  • Water Based Penis Pump
  • Electric Penis Pump

Air Based Penis Pump:

They are the very first type of pump introduced in the market to the customers. It is named as air based as he air is used in order to use the device cylinder. The vacuum created in the cylinder of the pump and penis is exposed to that vacuum or low air pressure which pulls the blood into the veins of the penis making it erect, strong and firm. The way of handling the penis pump is different from others as the tube, cylinder and handgrip of this penis pump is made of rubber and some have a pressure gage. This type of pump requires you to use both hands to adjust it and pump in the right way. This type of pump mostly features a pressure gage. The pressure gage helps you in applying the right amount of pressure on the penis as if you apply more pressure it may injure the penis or may form blisters on the penis.

  • Penis Pump Vacuum Manual





  • Manual Penis Vacuum Pump Air Pressure Link:




  • Men’s Pump Enlarger Vacuum




Water Based Penis Pump:

Water based penis pumps are latterly introduced into the market and is known as an advance technology. They are also named as hydro pumps. Now-a-days they are the known for the best seller because of the reason that they provide extra safety measures to the user as compare to the air based penis pump. Unlike air based or vacuum penis pump, this type of penis pump uses water which is more secure to use then the air. Water usage for creating the vacuum in the tube makes the penile blood to flow more uniformly as no air pockets are caused which is often the result of air vacuum pump. Another benefit of using water based penis pump is that the users don’t have to use both hands to operate the pump and it also takes less time than the air based penis pump.

There are further two types of water based penis pump which are

  • Penomet
  • Bathmate

Both the types of pumps can be used completely submerged in water. Using water based penis pump requires no lubrication which makes it more easy to use. The water based penis pumps are healthy to use and promotes penis growth faster as compare to air based penis pump. They increase the blood flow for better erection and are safe to be used by all types of skins.




  • Hydrotherapy Penis Vacuum Training Pump





Electric Penis Pump:

It is the third type of pump available in the market. It is the latest version of the penis pump. Electric penis pump uses electricity to operate. It is most convenient to use this type of pump as one just has to insert penis in it correctly and press the button. They are effective in boosting the erection hardness and enhance the sexual experience. They are more efficient and effective in achieving the goal as compare to the other two types of pumps mentioned earlier. The great benefit of using electric pump is that they are cheaper as compare to the water based pumps. Electric penis pump can be easily used even in the bedroom where the water based pumps are required to be used in the bathroom because of the usage of water. This pump is perfect for the mid-age and old people who suffer from the coordination disorder. It is also beneficial for those who have no strength to pump the vacuum for themselves using their hands. These pumps provide the controlled amount of pressure and give the erection on demand. This type of pump is helpful in maintaining the erection in order to have a satisfactory sexual activity. Thus these pumps are preferable for medical purposes.


  • Rechargeable Automatic Penis Vacuum Pump




  • Penis Vacuum pump




  • Electric Vacuum Pump Enlarger




How does using the Penis Pump is Beneficial?

The dissatisfaction of sexual performance can have a negative effect on the whole life. The problem with sexual organ can be a big hazard for men, now-a-days numbers of solutions are available to treat your problem and you may get rid of the bad situation. Vacuum pump is one of suggested solution to your problem; it is a non-medical treatment of your problem. There are many advantages of using Penis Pump which are as follows;

  • Penis Pump can give you the permanent effect.
  • It is observed that the continuous use of this my enlarges the penis and make it longer.
  • Penis pump can be used easily under clothing as it is quite easy to use it.
  • This equipment is useful in improving the erectile dysfunction or impotence or premature ejaculation faced by many men. Using the pump improves the male potency. Along with the use of Vacuum or Penis pump one may fight their erection problems step by step and try to have a strong erection during sexual activity.
  • According to the model of the penis pump you are using, it is possible to get the longer as well as the thicker penis as per your desire. Larger penis is often found helpful in improving the confidence level.
  • It is a non-surgical way of getting rid of your problem, one don’t have to feel the pain of being get operated.

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