As a man who lives a life without getting married, what problems you have to face?

1.You have to be a bachelor all your life. No one will pay good rent.
2.You have to listen to Uncle / eldest / cuckoo duck all the time. Father Duck won’t be heard anymore.
3.Have to listen to brother / brother / brother all the time, there will be no calling to hear Ogo.
4.When you leave the office, you do not have to verify that the tie is fitted.
5.You will have to make yourself a cup of coffee to relieve fatigue from returning to the office all day.
6.In extreme fatigue, people do not get a little peace by shaking their heads.
7.Life is a lot weird to get married. Living a regular life is a great pain for them.
8.Who does not get married all day long in the abdominal cavity?

9.Mommy, aunts, sisters-in-law will continue to oil up to your mother, my daughter is very good, Ekkere Angelina Jolie, see if you can make any motion.
10.In the neighborhood of friends, the neighborhood will raise the historical suspicion of “Polar or problem with front gear” ??
11.Halaldis halaleadis to hear friends.
12.You need to hear from the boss, how much money do you need to pay for the money, after a few days, get paid?
13.You will go to solace the broken world and eat the bush “O Mia, have you married, come to give me wisdom?
14.It will be difficult to control one’s sexual orientation.
15.Lonely Fill At The End Of The Age If The Child Is Not Satisfied
16.It would be hard to find a trusted person to share the sad words.
17.The oil on the collar of your shirt can be rubbed into your hand to rub it into the stick unless you send it to the laundry.
In the midst of widowhood, it will be hard to find a person who can inspire.Can’t hear the cassette in the free. I’m not talking about everyone. Some in the Buddhist society continue to play and play like fluffy cassettes all day long. His Infinity Ribbon is not finished

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