Eating is not responsible for living with diabetes?

Diabetes has become a growing problem in our society now. Although your question is very simple but where one answers some misconception will be, so I tried to give some details. There are two types of diabetes, type one and type two.

Eating is not responsible for living with diabetes

In the first case, our body’s insulin-producing cells (pancreatic beta cells) die out, resulting in no body insulin production; The cause is hereditary, but it is also caused by a virus or bacterial attack. And sometimes obesity can also occur.

Now let’s come to the second (type 2), which is the most common (your question is basically about it). In this case insulin is made in the body but it may not work. But the reason might be a thousand. Heredity is important in this regard but it is not the only one. In fact, our life habits have changed our diet. But everything is responsible for diabetes. Each factor has a threshold that increases the likelihood of diabetes. Suppose your family is prone to diabetes, so your extra caution may be due to the slightest irregularities in dietary habits or lifestyle. But even if there is some concession for someone who does not have a family, there is also the risk – diabetes or nausea can lead to his body if extreme irregularities in eating or living. But you can tell why it has grown so suddenly. The answer is stress. According to doctors, the biggest cause of stress is diabetes. In my opinion, in the era of computer smartphones, every morning you will run or walk, which will also remove stress from your body and allow the body’s endocrine action to improve. And avoid fast food oily foods as much as you like. Keep in mind that your quota of desserts (number is just an example) will not be your thing for one day.


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