Getting rid of corona by tea

Coronavirus (Covid-1) cure drug is hidden in tea! Health workers in Chinese hospitals are curing three coronary patients by drinking tea three times daily. The same is being claimed in several articles circulating on social media, including CNN and China Daily News.

Getting rid of corona in tea

These articles are used as a reference for the Chinese doctor, Li Wenliang, who first warned the world about coronavirus. As a result, many people, from tea to industrialists, are spreading this great news with great enthusiasm among the people.

The main point of the widely circulated writings is that Dr. Lee Wenliang has said that as a way of preventing the virus, based on data from the data of patients with ‘Covid-1’ before his death. He mentions a natural ingredient called ‘methyl xanthine’, a chemical combination of organic materials such as caffeine, thiobromine, theophylline. All of these ingredients are present in extracts. So, drinking tea three times daily or cure coronavirus is possible!

When in a world of scientists and researchers around the world looking for ways to prevent coronavirus from day to day, such good news undoubtedly warrants hope. But the demand for curing Corona by drinking tea is a fact, a scientific inquiry is absolutely necessary.

Recently, a group of researchers from Taiwan found great hope in finding ways to prevent coronavirus. According to their published research article, ‘thiaflavine’ obtained from tea has the qualities of preventing the spread of the previous two serous and mars viruses, including Covid-1. The coronavirus mainly multiplies by generating numerous copies of its own replica (replica) in the organism with the help of a single enzyme called ‘RNA dependent RNA polymerase’ (abbreviated ‘RDRP’). Tea thiaflavin is capable of preventing the spread of coronavirus by disrupting the functioning of this enzyme (Source: ‘The Potential Chemical Structure of Anti-Surs-Cove-2 RNA Dependent RNA Polymerase’, Journal of Medical Virology, 2 March, 2).

However, based on this research program, clinical trials are still needed to perform the necessary medical tests in animals and humans for the purpose of preventative discovery. So, wait a few more days to find out how effective the thiaflavin coronavirus tea really is in curing it. Whatever it is, the news of this study will surely provide some relief for the tea-loving people.

Let’s take a look at how credible those responses to the article mentioned at the beginning of this article are. Already, the news agency BBC, India Today, and several other international media have confirmed that the information that is being circulated using the names of CNN, China Daily News and eye specialist Lee Wenliang is absolutely mind-boggling. In fact, hospitals in China are not offering any kind of ‘tea treatment’ for coronary patients (Source: BBC’s “Coronavirus: Dodge Drinking Tea Help?” ‘Article). Thus, the news that ‘drinking tea will get rid of Corona’ – even if it provides temporary tranquility in the heart, is a misinterpretation and misrepresentation of science. Such misleading news should be avoided as much as possible.

One thing everyone needs to understand clearly is to reduce the risk of the disease and cure the disease – not two things. The valuable natural ingredients contained in the tea extract are able to increase the immune system of the human body. But tea is not an antidote. Therefore drinking only tea will get rid of this deadly virus – it is better not to expect such a thing in public.

First of all, keep in mind that prevention is most needed to prevent coronary infection. So on the one hand, it is important to know the means of infection, the symptoms and ways of preventing the infected, as well as to be aware of any rumors or misinformation spread about it. Every day, the number of coronary patients and deaths from coronas is increasing at an incredible speed. Although the infection of coronary infection is not yet prevalent in Bangladesh, the rate at which rumors and misinformation are spreading is no less risky than the virus.

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* Author: Tea Researcher

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