How can I improve myself in six months during this corona-virus effect?

corona virus effect

1. Uninstall Facebook, Instagram, Tickets etc. Understand these traps.

2. Mute notifications of every app you need, even WhatsApp. Check the mobile at a specific time.

3. Start spending some time alone. We are more prone to waste time with friends.

4. Start reading the books you bought but didn’t touch.

5. Practice trying to get late. Immediate pleasures such as junk food, obscenity, sleep etc are nothing but long-term suffering.

6. Play an outdoor game 2-3 days a week. Schedule it in advance.

7. Learn to distinguish between “resting” and “wasting time.”

8. Forgive others. You will be at peace

9. Be hard at achieving your goal levels, learn to say no.

10. Stay away from aimless, negative people. They will just drag you downwards.

11. Start developing the skills you want in you. It can be anything like learning coding, guitar, swimming etc.

12. Read the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.

13. Watch the video on the “Fearless motivation” channel on YouTube. You will be encouraged. * Don’t overdo it *. Use “Watch Later”.

14. Start doing what you are afraid to do every day. If you’re scared to go on stage, start going to the stage. Begin to solve the question if you are afraid of being counted.

15. And lastly, I do not recommend you to be an introvert or a human being. You will certainly reward yourself with some entertainment, but only after you finish your work.

Always think about life goals. Live with your purpose every moment.After all, everything will depend on how you want to change yourself. If you really want to improve you can.If you follow this rules you can improve yourself in six months during this corona-virus effect.

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