What are some of life’s best tips?

1. Want a beautiful haircut?

In the morning or early in the morning, go to your favorite salon. Your haircut will be fresher and more creative. Also, you already know that first customers are always a little more beloved!

2. Want a happy belly?

Do not eat it after 5pm and drink your favorite coffee / tea in the morning as a second meal.

3. Sweet tooth / sweet tooth?

Eat your favorite dessert meal in the morning and stay gluten free all day.

4. Want a disease-free life?

Massage the legs daily before going to bed. Most of the accupressure points in our body are on our feet.

5. Body heat?

Soak 1 teaspoon of basil seeds in a glass of water overnight and drink it (mixture) as the first drink the next morning.

6. Difficulty memorizing money?

Do not just search for the definition, also search the Google image of the word.

7. Want to express confidence?

Speak slowly and clearly to each word and maintain an eye contact.

8. Bad mood?

Sing or listen to your favorite song and feel the change.

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