What are some of the things you realized after becoming an adult?

  • Girls can forgive physical deception but do not forgive cheating with emotion. And while men forgive cheating with emotions, physical deception does not.
  • Girls do not like to be compared to older women. Men are proud when compared to older men.
  • The degree to which you feel happy or sad depends on what is happening in the biochemistry within your body.
  • If you are a sensitive person and need to ask if your crush likes you, it is most likely that he does not like you.
  • There needs to be something to break your heart once or more. You will know who you really are and what you want in your partner.
  • If you give your hundred percent before committing, in most cases you will make the other person emotionally sluggish.
  • When you crush on someone, what you care about at the end of everything is reality.
  • A human being can only develop himself, but changes. Changes can be transient and reclaiming, but evolution is not possible.
  • People are always capable of falling in love again.
  • Nothing comes in the past. But a lot depends on the practice.

things you realized after becoming an adult

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