• Adil Hussain quotes

    Believing in everything at the same time is the same as not believing in anything at all. -Adil Hussain   I would much rather have you believe in something I don’t agree with than to accept everything blindly. -Adil Hussain

  • Irrfan Khan Quotes

    What happens with every role, you have to trick yourself, you have to creatively find ways to explore the mental state of your character. -Irrfan Khan   The sign of a good society is where talent is respected. -Irrfan Khan   Maybe to become famous is to reassure yourself that whatever you’re lacking inside, you’ve fulfilled that. -Irrfan Khan   I cannot live anywhere else except India. -Irrfan Khan   I’ve played many characters that have consumed me and owned me. -Irrfan Khan   A nation needs to know how to utilise talent. -Irrfan Khan   Language does not make one an elite. -Irrfan Khan   I want to entertain…

  • Mallika Sherawat Quotes

    Why does it raise eyebrows when a woman uses cuss words? -Mallika Sherawat   I’ve slogged like crazy to get where I am. And those who think it’s just my body that got me where I am, they should take a look at the others who have rushed in after me. They haven’t gone beyond their first feverish film. -Mallika Sherawat   If a chemical drug like Viagra is accepted by society and by the world to ignite desire, then what is the problem with my audio-visual drug called cinema which ignites desire? Both are basically doing the same thing! -Mallika Sherawat