10 Best Outfits to Wear with flip flops

Flip-flops or chappals call them whatever you want, but they have evolved far and beyond. They actually have evolved over centuries from being the only footwear to exist in multiple civilisations to now being one of the most evolved footwear. They might not be best for all conditions but are necessary for every person.

Even someone in an area with cold weather needs some kind of chappals or sandals you know. You can’t wear a shoe 24×7. The thing is that chappals and sandals (the evolved chappals) are a staple and no matter what we do, we cannot completely replace them like ever. They are a need rather than a want.

The best part is that it is very easy to pair your chappals and sandals especially leather chappals and sandals with any outfit. They provide you with this ‘I am chilling’ or ‘I am on a holiday vibe’. Chappals and sandals are not made only for pool sides, beaches, etc. They are evolving continuously and honestly if we see all footwear is made over the design of a chappal, the basic design of a flat with straps or covered to cover our foot.


Now, let’s discuss some of the outfits you can pair your leather chappals or sandals with:


  • Summer Dresses: Summer print dresses are the cutest thing in the world I swear. Of course, after babies and pets. Well, the thing is that they are made with light breathable fabric to make it easier for you to walk around in warmer temperatures. Chappals and sandals pair well with them. You can especially pair them with jute or leather chappals which give you a classic and timeless look.


  • Bell Bottoms and shirts: This combo can be very well paired with platform chappals or leather sandals with heels would give it a dangerous look. They are quirky and trendy. They are like taking back you in time.


  • T-shirts Simple round neck t-shirts pair so amazingly well with leather chappals. They give you an airy feel. Try to pair them with light colour t-shirts like white, beige, off-white, off any colour actually. They are really the perfect aspiring for a quiet day at a beach,, or a walk around with you and yourself.


  • Bright Pants: If you are someone who carries well bright colours then you can pair your red or orange chappals with a maybe yellow or sky blue loose pants. They make you feel breezy all day. You will relaxed and happy and like you are walking on air, well maybe you are.


  • Solid Colour Dresses: Solid colours dresses look very bold and stylish. Pair them with polished leather chappals or leather sandals and they make you feel like you are bathing in luxury especially if you pair this off with a matching leather jacket.
  • Voluminous Top and leather skirt: You can pair this vibrant and chic pair with an extremely elegant pair of kitten-heeled chappals or sandals. They give you an edge and make you look damn good.


  • Jeans: Pair literally anything with jeans and you are good to go. They are quite versatile like the chappals and sandals we have been discussing. They go well in all environments and occasions. You can pair your jeans with a nice pair of leather chappals and will give you an intellectual vibe. They have become a symbol of class too in some places.


  • Skirts: Pair skirts with thin-strapped leather sandals and they would make your day. You will be comfortable all day long and yet look amazing. If you want to add heels to the mix too, go right ahead there is nothing to stop you.


  • Pant-suit: light material linen pant-suits have often been paired with leather chappals and sandals. They make you look professional yet easy-going at the same time. This does not undermine your authority in any way, we promise.


  • Shorts: well beach wear meets the beachwear, just kidding. They go well together. The chappals or sandals make your legs look longer in shorts and make you look excitedly ready for a day of fun be it at a beach or a carnival or mall. You are all set to go.


Hope we could help you understand how and where to pair your flip-flops.

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