10 Free Time-Saving Online Tools for WordPress Development

Being able to write code is not everything when it comes to WordPress Development. The developers must have other skills which can improve the entire development process. Everyone is looking for methods that can save their time and invest that in the business’s growth. 

What are the benefits of using time management tools?

  •     Spend more time on planning the future of business
  •     Stop investing long hours in the development
  •     Get your tasks done in the shorter period
  •     Streamline the easily manageable workflow.
  •     Schedule projects and meet deadlines effortlessly
  •     Boost your productivity and creativity.

Some tools for time management in WordPress Development:

1.    Google Calendar

It allows planning important events for the day, week, and month. In addition, you can use this tool to plan short-term and long-term targets. 

2.    Freedom

Everyone working on online platforms faces various distractions. You might see notifications related to emails, social media platform, mobile apps, and more. This tool ensures you are free to surf on the websites and restrict access to various platforms. It has browser extensions that can be installed:

  •     Calming green screen
  •     Time limit button
  •     Pause button
  •     Insight Button

You can take help from WordPress Development Sydney to set this plugin and ensure you are highly productive.

3.    Check Broken Links

If your website has broken links, it can affect your usability and credibility. The Broken Link Check tool helps to know such issues on the website. Some reasons to use this tool are:

  •     Check links
  •     No limitation on the number of links
  •     Display the place where the link is broken
  •     Search for distinct links that are broken

This service allows you to gain potential customers by delivering smooth navigation on the website.  

4.    Boomerang for Gmail

This browser extension helps in managing the features of Gmail. The critical feature allows pausing the Gmail inbox. Any message that arrives will be added to the queue. You can only view them once you unpause the inbox. 

This plugin allows scheduling emails for a specific period. It also gives an option to receive emails based on your availability or sent a notification if something is pending. 

5.    Boost your focus

The primary aim of this plugin is to enhance concentration, productivity, and focus. There are two versions: they can install one on Windows and Mac, while the other is a desktop timer. It has many features that include smooth design, changing color when time changes, prompt for finished sessions, peripheral renews, a configuration of sound and time, and more.  

6.    Checkvist

This is a task manager extension that is very popular in the digital market. Individuals and teams highly use this to manage their tasks. It will help capture ideas, notes, build a checklist, plan, and share with colleagues. The best part of this tool is hierarchical lists, email notifications, repeating tasks, mobile versions, and more.

7.    Fontpair

If you are developing a website, you know that typography is the key ingredient. WordPress Development company must be familiar with the free Google fonts, and they will put efforts to choose the best one. Fontpair also provides a link to the typography resources, which will ease your work.

8.    Trello

Most of the efforts and time are consumed during project management, as the website’s success depends on this process. Therefore, every organization is looking for a project management tool that will make the processes faster and not slow down the WordPress development.

Trello allows organizing documents and tasks with the help of cards. In addition, the premium version helps to integrate business software programs like Google Drive, Slack, Dropbox, and more.

9.    Hubstaff

It is an excellent productivity and time tracking platform for businesses and teams. Many developers in WordPress Development Melbourne are using this tool to monitor app and web usage, attendance, simple payroll, easy invoices, and maintain timesheets. But, you know, all these tasks take a fortune to handle and manage these tasks efficiently.

10.  Browsershots

This is used to check the website on different browsers and OS like Windows, Linux, and Mac. This tool helps WordPress Development Sydney to test its platforms on various browsers like Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Firebox. It also allows taking screenshots after few minutes and have a limit on time to download them. This eases the testing process and checks your website performance on all the browsers in one place.

How to manage time during WordPress Development?

  •     Build a to-do List: Having a manageable list can improve your productivity.
  •     Set Priorities: The list is just a structure this means you need to start by prioritizing the items based on your business needs.
  •     Remove Distractions: You might indulge in other activities during working time. Identify your distractions and try to avoid them at regular intervals.
  •     Set Achievable Targets: There are dozens of tasks, which means you have a substantial list of targets you want to achieve. It becomes essential to have small goals to meet all the marks.
  •     Make a Schedule: When you are doing WordPress Development, it becomes essential to have a schedule. Stick to a structure that will help to manage your projects efficiently.


Apply all the techniques we have disclosed above to manage your time during WordPress development. Of course, it also depends on the Quality of the wordpress developer and team working on your project. As if they use the right strategies and methods, they might deliver your projects within the deadline.

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