10 Tips for Creating the Perfect Wedding Reception Seating Chart

It can be very stressful for you to decide how seats will be arranged for the guests who will come to the wedding. You have to plan for it in advance. A lot of confusion can be reduced if a seating arrangement is set by an expert in which open seating for the guests is allowed so that all the tables can be filled. Along with this, by arranging a service of plated dinner you can make banquet staff and the caterers happy. Now I am going to give you 10 tips for creating the perfect wedding reception seating chart.

  1. Prepare the floor plan – Try to get information about bathrooms, locations where electric supply is present, space dimensions. All these are included in the full layout of the wedding venue.
  2. Essential party add-ons, food, band or DJ should be properly placed by you – Go for planning how food can be served to the guests in a nice manner and for their entertainment you need to contact a band or DJ.
  3. The sizes and shapes of the tables should be selected by you – You have to ensure that each table must be surrounded by the guests and they should sit safely and comfortably around these. For this you need to identify how many guests can arrive. This number should be realistic so that you can get assistance from the rentals company or the venue.
  4. Find how many tables are required – The number of people that are invited as the guests and the number of tables on which they can sit comfortably must be calculated by you.

5. For placing the guest tables a digital seating chart must be used by you – Sometimes because of          some complicated things it is not suitable for you to use spreadsheets and sticky notes. By using a digital seating chart, you can make things easier.

  1. Seat of the wedding couple should be selected by you – While arranging the seats, the priority should be given to the couples first. For preventing an embarrassing family drama to happen, a sweetheart table is opted by some couples. However, at time of eating if the couples want to get seated with family and close friends then they can do this also. For getting a clear view, the couples should sit near the center and it doesn’t matter with whom they sit.
  2. Special treatment should be given to VIPs – Best seats should be arranged for the bridegroom. Guardians or parents of the bridegroom should be given the seats that are second-best. The seats must be like that after sitting on these everyone can feel happy and enjoy the ceremony.
  3. The remaining guests should be arranged into groups tactfully on the basis of how they know the couple – All the school friends of the couple should be seated at the same place. All the office employees of the couple must be seated in a common area. So, on the basis of common interests of the people, seating arrangements should be made for them.
  4. Younger guests should be seated near the dance floor – The younger people take too much interest in dancing. Also, the older people do not like it so much. So, it will be good if seats for the younger guests are placed near the dance floor.
  5. For the guests sitting on wheelchairs extra space should be left by you – Some older people sit on wheelchairs and handicapped people also use it. A guest of this type must be given extra space so that he can have comfort.

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