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Aesop quotes


It’s Always Worth It To Try Helping Yourself. -Aesop


Vices Are A Form Of Self-Punishment. -Aesop


Don’t Attempt Perfection; Settle With Good. -Aesop


Focus On Remaining Somewhere And You’ll Remain There. -Aesop

Learn The Art of Persuasion And Let Go Of Arguments. -Aesop


Kindness is An Act Worth Sharing With Every One. -Aesop


Your Inner Self Is More Defined Than Outside Presentation. -Aesop


Persistence Can Be Kindled Despite Enduring Vicious Obstacles. -Aesop


9. It’s Okay To Pray, But You Have To Make It Happen. -Aesop


There Are Two Brilliant Sides To A Truth. -Aesop


Don’t Mistake Power For Not Needing Help. -Aesop


Wishing For Something Is Different Than Wanting Something. -Aesop


Adventuring Is What Life’s About. -Aesop


Keep Good Company Close. -Aesop


Keep Your Principles Closest To You. -Aesop


Don’t Hold Grudges Just Because Something Is Missing. -Aesop


Someone’s True Nature Will Prevail. -Aesop


Don’t Blame A Child Because Of Their Parent’s Behavior. -Aesop


You Don’t Have To Speak In Critical Times. -Aesop


You’re In Charge Of Your Fate. -Aesop


Don’t Despise Without Giving It A Try. -Aesop


There Is No Right Way To Argue. -Aesop


The Golden Rule Applies To Humor, Too. -Aesop


Two Of Your Friendships Are Still Incomparable To Each Other. -Aesop


Come Together With Like-Minded People. -Aesop


Start Wanting Tomorrow’s Wishes Today. -Aesop


Chewing Small Chunks Will Make You Feel Full Quicker. -Aesop


Self-Help Is More Than The Books. -Aesop


Gratitude Is Uncontrollable. -Aesop


Heroes Are Skilled In Both Words And Action. -Aesop


Difficulties Can Alter Judgement. -Aesop


The Effects Of Causing Injuries And Suffering Aren’t Necessarily Related. -Aesop


Do What Matters With All Your Might. -Aesop


Keep Calm And Don’t Under Estimate Small Moments Of Peace. -Aesop


It’s Better To Have A Passion Serve You Than Follow It. -Aesop


Speaking Will Benefit You Most At The Right Time. -Aesop


Fighting Someone’s Danger Deserves Their Reward. -Aesop


Speaking Isn’t Really A Substitute For Work. -Aesop


Forgive But Don’t Forget. -Aesop


Don’t Lose Your Special Character In The Noise Of The World. -Aesop

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