4 Outrageous Ideas for Custom Candle Boxes to Liven Up Your Branding

The candles are the sign of light that enlightens our lives. People use candles at various events, such as parties, birthday parties, weddings, etc. Nowadays using candles is a trend, and it is necessary to make the long-lasting for which the need for candle packaging boxes arose to protect them from environmental damages. Every candle should be packed exclusively to express its beauty. Candles provide several benefits and are a sweet gesture of love and people give them to each other as gifts. Obviously, it doesn’t look good if the right packaging is not used so in order to make these candles luring we require unique Custom Candle Boxes. Not only do they help to maintain the delicacy of the candle, but they also function as a gorgeous present. Candles are found in nearly every home. People commonly blow candles to liven the dark, on a special event, or as decorative objects.

Currently, the market is seeing an expansion in demand for candles. Whenever purchasing a product customer first looks at its packaging and the same goes for the candles as well. There are many popular candle brands like Diptyque Home Candles, Jo Malone London Home Candle, and many more. They use different styles of packaging boxes keeping in view the type of their candles. If they are presenting special scented candles they provide a box incorporating the graphics of that flavor like jasmine, rose, etc. So, brands are trying their hardest to create a special packaging style for their candle cases. Being in a market as a brand, you need to realize the value of customized boxes in order to stand out. You cannot just win the competition by working on the same lane or with dull and plain packaging. A plain candle box attracts none but the customization can attract many. Custom boxes are a brilliant strategy that works all out to cater your packaging needs. It is a way of showing your candles in a presentable way in shops or online. These boxes are not only enticing but also provide security. You mustn’t compromise on the product packaging if you want to make your brand outclass and successful. It should be perfect in every manner. If you don’t know where to start, then have a look at some of the outrageous ideas:

Focus On Being Fashionable by Using a Stylish Opening

Attractive packaging is more likely to be noticed by consumers at first glimpse. The more attractive your candle box is, the more it will be sold. Choose some natural or nude colors rather than being bold or extra. Using minimum but appealing designs. In order to look compelling don’t use heavy complicated designs, a simple and effective look works great. Moreover, the opening of your custom candle boxes must be classy, you may also add a transparent window panel or can use a ribbon to tie but it must look lavish. Different styles of boxes can be used like tuck end boxes, auto bottom boxes, sleeve boxes, etc. for the protection and designing of your candles.

Choose Best Quality Material

The quality of the material used in the manufacturing of your candle boxes needs to be sturdy and sustainable. A candle is a fragile object that has more risk of being melted or harmed. Brands should therefore opt for a packaging box that ensures optimum security. Cardboard and corrugated materials are mostly preferred for candle cases. Cardboard Display Boxes give coverage against heat, harm as well as other environmental influences. Choose a box that prevents wax from melting, so that the candles will not lose their original shape.

Make Candle Boxes Pleasing by Inscribing Beautiful Themes

You may use a variety of prints and graphics to make the candle boxes visually pleasing. In addition, you can also create your own design and can use your favorite color printing patterns. Try customizing your candle boxes with different textures and designs. Packaging boxes also play a role in marketing products so it would be quite advantageous for you to emboss your logo on the box in a way it clearly represents you. You may also utilize stickers, foiling, and other specific graphics as per your choice to render the look captivating. Give a good message to your customers and print them on the box and it’ll work incredibly.

Incorporate Your Candle Cases with Coatings

If you want to make your boxes enchanting, then give them a beautiful finishing. Apply coating to make the packaging fantastic and glowing even after continuous handling. It also serves to maintain the printing ink secured. Coatings like glass coatings, matte coatings are therefore a crucial component in the customization of candle cases. Finishing and printing processes are doable to boost the aesthetic aspect of the packaging and enhance the selling appeal of the boxes.

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