5 proven tips to support erection

A fast, firm, and long-lasting erection is precisely what almost every single man wants. Although he may not admit it, I know it is. I have identified thousands of cases of people whose erectile dysfunction has been extremely uncomfortable in my ten years of experience. Their only goal was to get their erection back under control.

I didn’t just want to advise them on various medications and erection pills. I always wanted to help comprehensively, so it was not about some tablets, but that the erection’s support was long-lasting and natural. To this end, I have compiled the following list of 5 hints and tips on what every man can do to have a better erection. I’m sure they will help you too.

No smoking and minimal alcohol

Smoking is a problem for erections and the human body in general. Smokers have an increased risk, for example, of cardiovascular disease and also of bladder cancer. Simultaneously, research has shown that smoking also damages blood vessels (which in itself does not contribute to the mechanism of erection), and smokers have up to twice the risk of erection problems.

But I have good news that you will feel the positive consequences the next day if you stop smoking. When so-called nocturnal erections were measured in smokers who had erectile dysfunction, it was found that up to 40% of them experienced an improvement after one day without cigarettes. Can you imagine what it will do in the long run?

As far as alcohol is concerned, I am not talking here about a total ban on alcohol, but rather a restriction. If you have a glass of wine or beer from time to time, it poses almost no risk to your ability to get an erection and maintain your potency. But do not overload it and do not rely on it. It is only the first step to a better erection get Fildena 100.

Treat yourself to movement and strengthening.

When I started following the motto healthy body, healthy erection, I found nothing better for health than regular exercise. I personally recommend light physical activities such as walking or swimming. Unlike more physically demanding sports, there is no risk of joint problems and no risk of injury or overload.

The second thing I definitely recommend is strengthening. Start lightly, for example, twice a week with some more straightforward cardio exercises. Then you can add, for example, exercises to improve specific muscle areas. I’m not saying you become a bodybuilder, but regular strengthening also helps the blood vessels, enhancing your ability to get an erection!

Eat healthier

I don’t think if you switch to diet and salads right away, your erection will improve get Fildena 120. I’m not even talking about such healthier eating. I mean, omit greasy, fatty, fried, and heavy foods and instead, focus on substances that are suitable for potency. I definitely recommend fish and fish oil and seafood from time to time.

To improve your erection, focus on oatmeal, peanuts, cashews, green and root vegetables, garlic, as well as soy. All of these foods contain L-Arginine, which helps to achieve a firm and long-lasting erection. From time to time, you can spice up your menu with chili.

Fruits such as bananas, blackberries, or various citrus fruits are also suitable. In general, foods recommended by doctors as appropriate to support the cardiovascular system are usually ideal for a better erection.

Natural aphrodisiacs

Do you know what the best natural aphrodisiac for men is? After all, the sight of a beautiful woman. However, if you have long-term erection problems, I can imagine that even this may not help. I have experience with various herbs, which I think are the best natural aphrodisiacs you can wish for.

I especially recommend herbs Saw Palmetto, Maca, Ginkgo biloba, ginseng, ginger, or saffron. The advantage is that you can buy them, for example, as a powder or in another form and then make them out of tea.

Erection pills

Personally, I try to avoid these tablets, even though I have already taken them. Available potency and erection drugs, such as Fildena or vigora 100, are manufactured with the addition of chemically modified active ingredients which are intended for the symptomatic treatment of erectile dysfunction.

In practice, this means that these substances affect the better blood supply to the organ, which results in its erection and the achievement of an erection. But once their effect wears off, which is usually after 4 to 6 hours, the problem is in the world again. The pills Fildena 150mg do not solve the cause, but only the consequence of erectile dysfunction. But I do not deny that they really work.

However, what I perceive as problematic is that they are not suitable for long-term use, do not solve the causes of erection problems, and can also have side effects. If you want to achieve a natural improvement in erection and potency, then prescription pills are definitely not the best possible solution.

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