6 super tips for the best tire care

When on the road, we usually forget that tyres are the only contact point between the road and vehicle. That’s the reason preserving quality and performance is extremely important and that’s double when you’re investing in a quality brand such as Pirelli in Dubai to ensure mobility and your own safety. Have a look at following recommendations before you hit the road!

  1. The contact patch

Did you know that part of the tyre in contact with the road is just the size of your hand? Therefore, safety, fuel economy and comfort, all depends on that particular area. So, make sure you’ve the right size pair as well as regular maintenance for best performance. This is crucial because tyres;

  • Carry the entire weight of the vehicle which is more or less 50 times their own load
  • Respond to driving points like acceleration, breaks, steering and other functions from the car to the road surface
  • Absorbs almost every obstacle on the road.
  1. The depth & wear

Regularly inspect tread depth and have them replaced when worn; delay may pose a serious road risk. Maintenance guarantees ultimate traction and helps avoid any unpleasant experiences. Buy tyres equipped with tread wear indicators located on the base of grooves. Safety and agility depends on a good level of tread depth because;

  • Tread grooves disband water from underneath the wheels and helps maintain control
  • The more the tread depth, more water they’ll disperse thus reducing risk of aquaplaning
  • Regulate air pressure, vehicle maintenance and increases longevity of the tyres
  1. The tyre pressure

If tyre pressure is correct, it reduces the risk of uncontrollable vehicle and ensures a smooth ride. The wheels are also safe from premature wear and lasting damage to internal built. Small punctures may drop the tyre pressure whereas air escape through tyre components is quite natural.

Temperature difference may also cause a shift in wheels that calls for careful inspection and timely maintenance.

Never deflate hot tyre or they may burst causing significant injury to you and irreversible damage to the wheel compartment. Checking wheel pressure once a month is important because;

  • Difference inflation measurement may decrease the tyre’s life, affect performance and increases damage risk
  • It prevents excess fuel consumption
  1. Wheel balancing

Balancing prevents untimely tyre wear and tear as well as eliminates vibration. It protects suspension, bearing and steering system so have the wheels balanced every time when you fix or replace them entirely. Difference in weight would tell if the wheel is out of balance and may cause;

  • Vibration
  • Rapid and uneven tread wear
  • More stress and premature wear to front-end parts
  1. Rear tyres

As rear wheels aren’t hooked to the steering wheel, judging the grip while driving is extremely difficult. Experts recommend new pair of Pirelli in Dubai to ensure better control in tight corners or emergency braking when road is slippery.

  1. Ecommerce Channel:

Nowadays due to the ecommerce SaaS platforms development, it has become very easy for Worldwide buyers to conduct best marketing and supplier research about the product before to take the final decision to buy the tyres in bulk quantity.


If you wish a smooth drive and a perfect vehicle, consider Pirelli in Dubai as they’re the best choice when vehicle maintenance and superior driving are concerned.

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