A Complete Guides towards Kitchen Lighting

An leisure area, a refreshment zone, a place full of activities… the kitchen is a very versatile space found in today’s homes. Gone are the days when the kitchen is used only for the aim of cooking family meals. Instead, today’s kitchens are what we can accurately describe as a multi-functional room. The kitchen is the place to bond with your toddler making cookies and gingerbread men. A kitchen is mostly the place where all members meet together after full day of work or study. The modern kitchen is also an ideal place to entertain guests, as a study area for the kids, as a home office and virtually anything and everything in between! You can place beautiful chandelier lights or floor lamps dubai to increase décor of your kitchen.

Not only food shared but also all types of stories by everyone shared mostly in the kitchen. Everyone loves this place. Therefore,, there is a need to make it something more than just a place only for cooking and clanging utensils. Make it your special space. To make a kitchen more inviting, it needs not just good quality cabinets, adequate working area, highly functional accessories and appliances but also a well designed lighting scheme.

Given these plethora of functions, a good kitchen must have a sufficient light source. We need to have the correct lighting at all the conceivable spaces we have so that we can be comfortable in doing whatever it is that we need to accomplish.

Basics of Lighting

Understanding the basics of lighting can benefit both the lighting specialist and us homeowners in the process. Different types of surfaces are present in the kitchen. Countertops, cupboards and  kitchen appliances are made up of different materials and thus, reflect light in a totally different way. Furthermore, colors also play an important role in selecting the right lighting. As we all know, dark surfaces reflect light poorly while a predominantly white kitchen will reflect light generously. Hence, if you want to come up with best possible lighting solution then take care of all these required features.

Types of lighting

There are different types of lighting available for our homes. These include sunlight, incandescent, halogen, Ambient lighting , task lighting and fluorescent light. Let have a deeper look for more understanding.


Sunlight is one of the best source of lighting and the best thing is that it is totally free. Morning sunshines gives a relax feelings and warm glow to you and your whole house. Breakfast with the first glow of sunlight direct in your kitchen gives you so much mesmerizing moments. Sunlight can be counted as the best source of lighting. However, it is also not always reliable. Not all days are bright, right?

Incandescent lamps.

These kinds of light are highly favored since they emit a warm glow. These are available in different types of shapes and sizes and are mostly available in most lighting stores. A typical incandescent lamp has a timeperiod of approximately 1,000 hours.

Fluorescent lights.

These are considered more efficient and more energy-saving compared to incandescent lamps. They are available in different sizes and shapes and mostly last longer (7,500 to 20,000 hours). There is a drawback of fluorescent light that they have a tendency to make some people feel physically ill.

Halogen light.

Halogen light. Halogen lights are comparatively smaller in size than all the lighting sources discussed here but they give off a higher light output. Hence, they are ideal for highlighting specific items or spaces in a room.

Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting provides for the overall lighting of the room. Natural daylight and top overhead manufactured lighting such as ceiling, roof, track or mounted fixtures are some sources of ambient lighting. If we talk about larger kitchens may require one or more ceiling fixtures positioned in the center of the room. Small kitchens may require only either two or three ceiling mounted fixtures or downlight placed near the walls. Lighting experts mostly suggest that a good ambient lighting needs to have a variation of fixtures. Do not limit yourself to a single ceiling mounted fixture, which often creates shadows. Expand your research according to the requirement of your kitchen.

Task Lighting

In order to perform your work more accurately in the kitchen, you need to have adequate illumination or task light in the key work areas. These task oriented areas include the counter, range, sink, and table. You can place table lamps dubai in any corner of your kitchen for task lighting purpose. Countertops are the place where food preparation is mostly done. These are often illuminated with shallow fluorescent fixtures that are attached to the cabinet’s underside. The sink area can particularly also benefit from recessed downlight or track lights using either two 75-watt incandescent bulbs or two 30- watt fluorescent bulbs placed about 24 inches above the sink

Hence, you go through different type of lighting so now choose the right one (or a combination of several types) to suit your needs!

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