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You should know that I am not at all a shy person -Aaron Peirsol



Every one in this world can be all that they wish for just like I wanted to be a professional football player similarly anyone who aspires to be something or wish to achieve something it is all dependent on his dedication that will definitely lead him to his success-Aaron Peirsol



If you don’t know me I would like to tell you that I am always like the one whom you call as down to the earth person you may confuse me that I may not be so but you are definitely wrong in this -Aaron Peirsol



I know that I am not the life or the soul of the very camp of mine but I know it is only me who always just keep talking to all in my camp and I am the only one to speak around to every one in my very camp. -Aaron Peirsol



You should always know that every time you definitely have to take the game as it actually comes to you and it is then you have no option. -Aaron Peirsol




_ Always keep in mind that these pressures should never over power you any ways because if the pressure of winning games as well as winning trophies will start dominating your mind then definitely you will never be able to give your best or rather your hundred per cent. Even being the part of Arsenal we have the same pressure every time we play. -Aaron Peirsol



_ I still remember that how Bale used to play in the very beginning when he actually started in the place called Tottenham. I remember how many efforts he always made to win when ever he played especially when he played at the left back. -Aaron Peirsol



_ You always need to keep in your minds that the things especially in the case of foot ball keeps changing every now and then that some times even you will find it difficult to understand what is actually happening which can also be unbelievable for you at times . -Aaron Peirsol



_ You may believe it or not but I would like to tell you that the actual chance of winning that gold medal it does not actually comes around every time or it does not comes to you of often or frequently -Aaron Peirsol



_ In case you don’t know me I would like to share with you that I am not a very highly motivated kind of guy. -Aaron Peirsol




_ I know that it would be difficult for you to believe but I would like to share that since my very child you are you can say since that time when I was a boy I always thought and wanted to be a professional foot ball player and not only this but also I wanted to captain my own country one day in my life. -Aaron Peirsol



_ I would like to share this with all that I don’t like to be at gym at all because I am not the gym kind of a person. -Aaron Peirsol



_ I still remember that the very Premier League was actually where two teams were going for a particular title but if we see the difference now it has came a long way now. -Aaron Peirsol



_ Always know that I am actually a central mid fielder and to be very honest it is here that I always like to be actually -Aaron Peirsol




_ Always keep this in your mind that is actually the worst position when you are on that medical bed in your life. -Aaron Peirsol



_ To be very honest I feel really bad and even worst when I am actually unable to get out on that training pitch and can not practice -Aaron Peirsol



_ Always remember that about me that in I am a kind of person who actually feels comfortable playing originally in the middle or the very centre of the park. That is actually a best place for me to play. -Aaron Peirsol



_ If you are the one really interested in foot ball then you would definitely know and agree to that the Manchester City is actually a big team undoubtedly as well as the Chelsea is also the big team and you can never deny to this-Aaron Peirsol



_ I would like to share this to you all about one of my habits that I get my stats done after my each and every game like those of the tackles, the pass completions as well as the high interest run rates. I do this actually do this in order to keep a check that I should actually not be hitting my targets too far away from my pitch. -Aaron Peirsol



_ Always keep this in your minds that as we are the ones whom you call the professional foot ball players so there is the greater responsibility we hold in this regard and we know that we just have to perform the best way we can on that pitch when ever we go out to play.-Aaron Peirsol

_ To be very honest I always be involved completely in my team as well as in my very game. As I am the very heart beat of my team and I know this. -Aaron




_ Always keep that in your minds that I am actually the person who always keeps in his very mind that he definitely has to give all the best he can give or you can say all his hundred per cent without even considering of what else is actually going on. -Aaron Peirsol



_You believe it or not but to be very honest that I have been actually trying from so long to take my Wales to the biggest and the major Championship. -Aaron Peirsol



_ You should keep this in your minds as the players that the first few games are actually or you can say definitely quite tough so as the player you have to keep your fitness actually high and you also need to continue working over them.-Aaron Peirsol



_ I am the kind of person who is actually aware of his very qualities -Aaron Peirsol


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_ To be very honest I would like to tell you that there is always a big pressure on the Arsenal of winning trophies every time we play. But this is true as well that it is nothing new for us and we are very much aware that we are capable enough to win and to achieve it well -Aaron Peirsol



_ You believe it or not but when you ask me of the true competition then I would like to tell you that you will get this true competition only at a club like that of Arsenal -Aaron Peirsol



_ Always know that I am not the screamer neither I am the shouter and I definitely know this that I would never change myself as I feel that it is the perfect way I can actually be. -Aaron Peirsol



_ My true belief is this that as a player you can get complete fitness only by playing games and by no other way. -Aaron Peirsol



_ I don’t know whether you all know this about me or not but the I am a kind of person who is actually very passionate about the animals. -Aaron Peirsol



_ I would like to share that I always feels so special when you live your dreams as I did when I scored the very goal in that FA Cup final and it was then that I managed to actually live my dream. -Aaron Peirsol



_ I am not a kind of person who is actually the very life or the very soul of the parties but I am the one who always speaks up when ever I find it necessary to say some thing. -Aaron Peirsol



_ To be very honest I sometimes feel that I had actually grown up too quickly. -Aaron Peirsol



_ As a foot ball player you should be the one to give always your best for the team. You should always help your very team and also you should always try and always you must go out and play the best way you can for all who have their complete faith in you. -Aaron Peirsol



_ You should understand that it was very obvious to be actually sad about losing that very captaincy which has always been my dream since my very child hood -Aaron Peirsol



_ You should always keep in your minds that you every time have to be on the top of your very game you always have to train yourself and also every day. This is the most important thing that you have to do is that you have to keep asking your boss for putting you in the very team and make you the very part of the team. -Aaron Peirsol



_ I would like to share this that there is nothing that might be going on in my head whenever I am there on the pitch and I am the one who never takes that pressure on him and always just tend to enjoy the very game on that foot ball pitch every time. -Aaron Peirsol



_ You may believe it or not but it was earlier when I pretended to be Ryan Giggs-Aaron Peirsol

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