All About Kodachadri Trek

I still remember the quotation of Barry Finlay, the famous author which was “Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing”. Yes. That’s absolutely true. People get worried, hopeless, and lose themselves during the journey of life. Thus, they search for new paths to recreate their lost life through wonderful experiences. They go for trips to lasting memories. I believe this is a medicine which makes life meaningful. Kodachadri is the best place to roam with friends.


Anybody know the famous trek of Kodachadri ? One of the short treks but admirable, a best trail route for beginners without any difficulties. Kodachadri peak is the tenth tallest mountain and is 1343 meters above the sea level, inhabited at Shimoga district in Karnataka state. A great spot where you can accomplish the mash of both adventure and charming experience. This is a lush green mountain, greenery spread so wide and far where you can see. The ridge of the peak touches the white clouds fondly.

This scenic beauty is a heritage site and has rich biodiversity which is a part of Western Ghats. That’s how Kodachadri became the best place for tourists. Apart from this, Kodachadri is a pilgrimage has the famous temple of Mookambika. The reason for calling it so, Goddess Mookambika fought with Mookasura, a demon and killed him.

How to reach?

The memories you gained of Kodachadri trek will not leave you at any time. To experience this amazement only by getting your soul and body here. People have many options for that. By train, flight and road ways are accessible to come here. But, I suggest you do prefer roadways because the nearest railway station is 76 km away from here. From October till March is a good time to spend at Kodachadri. This period the whole peak covered in mist and fog gives scenic views from the top.

From Bangalore, it takes 442 km , approximately eight hours to reach the destination. Through Tumkur, an industrial city, you reach Honnali village in Davangere district. Davangere is known as the Manchester of Karnataka. Then, you have to take two and a half hours to reach Nagara which is 30 km away from Kodachadri hill.

Major attractions

The famous Kudachadri has the monolithic structures and art works engraved in the prehistoric periods. This is a major attraction that makes you a witness of ancient wonders. Many believed that the Adi Sankaracharya visited here and meditated for a long time. He enshrined the Mookambika temple in Kodachadri.

The journey is continued through the shola forest and Mookambika wildlife sanctuary. An opportune to explore the rich flora-fauna diversity. After crossing a beautiful stream, you see a board with a picture of Lion-tailed macaque and a writeup in Kannada language. When you see it, you can emphasise that you are very close to the sanctuary.

More sights are awaiting on your foot. These might not be a major attraction, but lovely to see such realities. Many local people have small residences on the valleys of these hills.They all are ordinary simple people are fraudulent never ever. There will be joyness in their small hamlets. It’s such a beautiful place we felt jealous of villagers due to our hatred of city life.

They do agriculture on the landscape and other farms of animals to sustain. These people are really attracted to our trip because of their simple variety of lifestyle, unique culture and living in free non-polluted zones happily.

On the way, you see Hidlumane falls, a combination of seven waterfalls which is the last waterfall in your dream journey. Before that, you should be careful while trekking through forest land. You have to keep a dettol, matchbox and savlon to avoid leeches. People have to be very diligent regarding the forest animals and other impediments on the trip.

You can go Kodachadri trek only on your good times. So, just start the trek as soon as possible. Happy journey…….

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