All of these are vital to life or to be happy

Not one, I would like to give a few suggestions. All of these are vital to life or to be happy. Choose the one you want or all the time. What’s wrong to try!

Keep learning

There is no end to learning in life.

At each step, learn from the people around you, from a bucket or from a river. The more knowledge you gain, the easier and more enjoyable your life will be.A bot tree will teach you how to provide shelter to those oppressors in a storm of sunshine without enduring hundreds of oppression.

Be as great as the heavens, and let your heart be as wide as the sea.A stream will teach you to move at your own pace. Life does not stop for anyone. Fly, keep burning like a flame-less flame.

Be a little sober

We want as much as we can. There is so much more I want. The end of this quest but yours is in my hands. Make it a habit to be a little bit nauseous. Keep practicing, you will find this quality one day within you.

Be a good listener

Everyone loves knowledge. Everyone loves to say. Everyone wants to be a speaker. But being a good listener is a unique and essential qualification. Be a good listener, the knowledge will increase. People will also like you. Hard work, I still can’t control it myself. Keep trying

Get angry and lose

Suddenly, he said something you should not have said. “Talks and gunshots but the same thing”. Once thrown, it can no longer be returned. So spend your time thinking.

Tell me a little story,

A prince’s selfie meeting was organized in front of a pond full of crocodiles. At the meeting, it was announced that the crocodile-filled pond would be able to swim, with the princess, half of her kingdom. Talk about a princess. Hundreds of young Naujawans feed on him. In the middle of the crowd was a young man standing near the pond. She jumped and fell into the pond. Swimming, he was able to climb the terrifying pond. The people present, looking at him in amazement. But the young man started screaming, who pushed me into the pond! Have the courage to come forward.

The young man in the story is angry only because he lost the golden opportunity to get the princess and half his kingdom If he had kept his head cool, his future could have changed at that moment. But this applies to us. ­čÖé

Try to keep your head cool even in the event of a catastrophe.And one more thing, not everyone can be happy. The sooner you understand this matter the better. Don’t worry about who thought what. If you think about what everyone will think, who will think of you?

Think about yourself, love yourself, be sure to take care of yourself. At the end of the day, if you do not love yourself, improvement in life, happiness is not possible.

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