B.J. Daniels Quotes

“Every woman wants a cowboy.”― B.J. Daniels



“He envied her, sensing that she lived each day as if it was her last.”― B.J. Daniels



“She didn’t need anyone to tell her he was all wrong for her and yet…”― B.J. Daniels



“The motorcycle’s headlights cut through the darkness. Ahead the road was nothing but a black hole. She roared toward it.”― B.J. Daniels



“A tree.” She spotted one. It was hidden behind a much larger tree, its limbs misshapen in its attempt to fight for even a little sunlight in the shadow. “Dana has this tradition of giving a sad-looking tree the honor of being a Christmas tree.” She walked over to the small, nearly hidden tree. “I like this one. “It’s…”
He laughed. “Ugly?”
“No, it’s beautiful because it’s had a hard life. It’s struggled to survive against all odds and would keep doing that without much hope. But it has a chance to be something special.”― B.J. Daniels



“She knew even before his lips brushed hers, that he was going to kiss her – and she was going to let him.”― B.J. Daniels



“He was looking at the most exciting woman he’d ever met.”― B.J. Daniels


“Hank Knight asked questions about Jesse Rose and an item that was taken from her crib the night she was kidnapped. His questions led our lawyer to believe Hank had knowledge about the crime and possibly where Jesse Rose is now. I think he got too close to the truth. Too close to the kidnapper’s accomplice. And if I’m right then you can help me prove it.”― B.J. Daniels



“He couldn’t jeopardize the saloon because of some silly infatuation with an outlaw. Even one as beautiful as Mariah Ayers.”― B.J. Daniels


“When she woke in the morning, there would be no glass on the floor. No comforter lying on the chair. Hawk Cahill, the cowboy hero to the rescue, would have been only a dream in the middle of her waking nightmare.”― B.J. Daniels


“What will your family think, me showing up on their doorstep with my suitcase in hand?”
“I’ll carry your suitcase,” he said.”― B.J. Daniels



“His lips brushed over hers. She let out a sigh of relief and joy and pleasure. He pulled her tighter against him, taking her mouth with his own. She melted into him and the kiss, heart pounding, desire sparking along her nerve endings like a string of lit dynamite.”― B.J. Daniels



“He wanted her more than he wanted his next breath.”― B.J. Daniels



“Getting over her had been impossible. A day hadn’t gone by that he hadn’t thought of her, yearned for her. Sometimes he felt as if he couldn’t breathe if he didn’t see her again. He’d had to come back to make things right no matter how it ended.”― B.J. Daniels



“As she reached the stairs, she made a quick detour and stepped outside.
A crescent moon hung in the midnight blue sky along with trillions of twinkling stars. Out here there were no streetlights to wash out the view. She loved being able to see the stars.
Tonight, the mountains were etched deep purple against the night sky. The white snowcapped tips gleamed silver. Nearer, silhouetted pine trees swayed in the breeze as if in a slow dance.
“You are such a romantic,” Trask had once told her. “Are you sure you want to open a bar? You should be writing poetry.”
She’d laughed. “How do you know I don’t?”― B.J. Daniels



“Austin?” she whispered, not sure what to do.
He turned to her and pulled her into his arms. Her mouth opened in surprise and the next thing she knew, he was kissing her. His mouth was warm against here. At first, she was too stunned to react. But after a moment, she put her arms around his neck and lost herself in the kiss.
As the headlights of the sheriff’s car washed over them, the golden glow seemed to warm the night because she no longer felt cold. She let out a small helpless moan as Austin deepened the kiss, drawing her even closer.
As the sheriff’s card went on past, she felt a pang of regret. Slowly, Austin drew back a little. His gaze locked with hers, and for a moment they stood like that, their quickened warm breaths coming out in white clouds.
She shook her head. She wasn’t sorry. She felt…light-headed, happy, as if helium filled. She thought she might drift off into the night if he let go of her.”― B.J. Daniels


“She had to laugh. “You’re making me hungry.”
“Me, too.” His gaze locked with hers, making it clear it wasn’t just barbecue he was hungry for.”― B.J. Daniels



“She shot him a look she thought he might still remember, the same one a rattler gives right before it strikes.”― B.J. Daniels



“Something about the Judge Raymond Randolph murder case. Something was wrong. He could feel it deep in his bones, like a sliver buried under the skin.”― B.J. Daniels



“He breathed in the mesmerizing scent, knowing that if he touched her, if he turned her to face him, if he looked into those bottomless green eyes, he would be lost forever.”― B.J. Daniels



“People often surprised you, especially the innocent-looking ones, she’d found.”― B.J. Daniels



“We all have choices. Some are harder than others. What I’m hearing is that you feel trapped. Sounds like you’re the only one who can change that. Just make sure you don’t latch on to the first life raft that comes along. It wouldn’t be fair to anyone to find yourself trapped in some other way, now would it?”― B.J. Daniels



“That woman is here to destroy you,” she whispered.”― B.J. Daniels



“Honey, before I became the man who was to marry Olivia Hamilton, I was capable of taking care of myself. I can take care of you, too, for that matter. If you should ever decide to trust me.” With that he turned the key. The old pickup’s engine rumbled to life and he backed out kicking up fresh gravel.

Livie bristled. She knew he thought her an overindulged debutante, but there was more to her than just being Buckmaster Hamilton’s daughter and damned if she wasn’t going to prove it to him. If he gave her the chance.”― B.J. Daniels



“The two of you can’t really be thinking about… not at a time like this.“

Poppy had to laugh. “Is there a better time?”― B.J. Daniels



“I have a killer loose on the ranch and all I can think about is kissing you again.”― B.J. Daniels



“I’m not going to apologize for kissing you. I’ve wanted to since the first time I laid eyes on you. Only back then, I was just a boy.”― B.J. Daniels



“She was a woman who’d foolishly married a handsome, smooth-talking man. Now she was living a bad country song.”― B.J. Daniels




“Why are you looking at me like that?”

I’m counting your freckles. I’ve wanted to since I first laid eyes on you,” he whispered, so close now that she could hardly breathe.

She smiled to hide how nervous it made her. “I take it you have a lot of time to kill?”― B.J. Daniels



“Don’t you want to know the kind of woman I am?” When he said nothing, she continued. “I’m like your father. When I start something I finish it.”
Cull seemed to consider that before he turned toward her, his lips quirking into a grin as his eyes blazed with challenge. “Is that right?”
Before she could react, he grabbed her and dragged her to him. His mouth dropped to hers in a demanding kiss as he pushed her back against the barn wall.”― b.j. daniels



“Tell me you have a plan.” He swore when Colt didn’t answer right away.”― B.J. Daniels



“The first thing we’re going to do is buy you a pair of cowboy boots, woman.”
She laughed. “That’s the first thing?”
Cull dragged her into another kiss, this one hotter than the last.
“Maybe not the first thing.”― B.J. Daniels



“Great, you know how I love zombies. Except you can’t kill zombies.”― B.J. Daniels



“Seriously? You tried to ride a bucking horse?”
“You did the same thing.”
He nodded. “But you’re…”
“Female? You noticed.” She grinned at him and realized she was flirting about the same time he did.”― B.J. Daniels



“If this was a dream, he didn’t want to wake up.”― B.J. Daniels



“She angled her head to look up at him. Her blue eyes were huge in the moonlight. One tear still clung to her lash, looking like a shining jewel. He touched it with his fingertip and it dissolved, warm and wet into his skin. His gaze shifter to her bowshaped mouth. Her lips trembled, then parted. A soft mew of a sound escaped them.
There was nothing to do but kiss her.”― B.J. Daniels


“You will die in this house.”― B.J. Daniels


“He had to have this woman, knew his life would be worthless without her. The raging heat of that knowledge raced through his veins, stronger than desire, hotter than the passion that caught fire between them.”― B.J. Daniels



“She dropped her voice to a hoarse whisper that turned his blood to slush. “You will wake up and find me standing over your bed. You will see the flash of a blade before I plunger it into your heart. My face will be the last thing ever see.”― B.J. Daniels



“You’ve made a terrible mistake.”― B.J. Daniels


“I can’t understand why anyone would ever leave here,” he said if as captivated by their surroundings as she was. “It’s…breathtaking.” He pulled up to the house and cut the engine before he looked over at her. “Just like you.”― B.J. Daniels



“Here she was on her wedding night and nothing about it was as she’d once dreamed. Dierdre “Drey” Hunter Baxter. Married to the wrong man.”― B.J. Daniels



“This woman was the catalyst that had jarred him out of his mere existence and dragged him back into life. She had made him feel, even made him hope, both dangerous for a man like him with a past like his.”― B.J. Daniels



“Everything was going to be all right, she told herself. Every woman got wedding jitters, right? Every woman felt a little nauseated at the thought of her first love on her wedding day. Every woman saw herself lying face down, dead in a pond.”― B.J. Daniels



“What man didn’t join his wife on their wedding night?”― B.J. Daniels



“The new Mrs. Ethan Baxter, I presume?”
“Was there an old Mrs. Baxter?” she asked.
He merely laughed.”― B.J. Daniels



“the rest of his life. But mostly it was the things that drove him crazy”― B.J. Daniels



“Just tell me she’s alive.”― B.J. Daniels


“You know that if I ever do settle down with some woman, Lillie is going to come after you next,” Hawk said. “She’s relentless. She’ll have you married within weeks after I tie the knot. Mark my words.” He took another drink and swallowed. “Be afraid. Be very afraid.”― B.J. Daniels



“Turning, she saw a crow staring at her from the balcony with its beady little dark eyes. The bird flapped its silken ebony wings at her and hopped to the chair closest to the open door. Wasn’t there some superstition about crows and death?”― B.J. Daniels

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