Best 15 Free Apps for Private Tutors in Singapore

Unlike a decade ago, today interesting apps are available for private tutors to recommend to their students and to also use them in their tuition sessions to teach as well. Teaching jobs in Singapore is not of the same kind of “availability” as it used to be as there is more that tutors have to do to provide the best for their students; more teaching strategies need to be incorporated and new things have to be tried out.


The power of apps has been underestimated and not many tutors or students have put them to good use. However, the awareness is slowly being raised and more tutors try to incorporate them into their tuition sessions.



So, here are best 15 free Apps that private tutors in Singapore can use to teach their students effectively!

  1. Grammarly

Grammarly is a digital writing assistance tool that can help check for spelling mistakes, grammatical inaccuracies and even plagiarism. Every tutor knows the pain of marking dozens of essays, spending a lot of their time and effort.

Grammarly is a tool that can be used by tutors to help make this process a lot easier by helping to spot the obvious mistakes. Tutors can also recommend this tool to their students and help them understand how to structure their sentences, use accurate vocabulary and grammar.

  1. Google classroom

Google classroom was developed by google to allow teachers to create, distribute and grade assignments easily. It makes file sharing between teachers and students much more efficient. Tutors can use this app alongside with their live lessons by uploading notes, course materials and even videos to assist with their students learning outside of lesson time.

  1. Moodle

Moodle is a learning management system that tutors can use to create private websites with online courses to assist with e-learning for their students. There are a wide variety of options and services that tutors can benefit from this application.


There is even a mobile app that teachers can choose to use. Moodle also has the option of using plugins which adds more flexibility and functionality to the app.

  1. YouTube

YouTube is an application that almost everyone already has pre downloaded on their electronic gadgets but tutors tend not to use its potential to assist in their lessons. YouTube allows teachers to upload videos and even stream live for their students. Tutors can also choose an added layer of security and privacy by allowing only certain accounts to watch their videos. YouTube also allows teachers to create playlists to help them organise their content.

  1. Microsoft teams

Microsoft teams is a communication platform developed by Microsoft and is part of the Microsoft 365 bundle. Tutors can use it to create different groups for each of their students and upload whatever learning materials that they wish to upload. Microsoft teams also allow tutors to organise online lessons, create assignments and homework and also grade them online.

  1. Evernote

Evernote is designed for note taking and organising them efficiently. Notes can be in the form of text, drawings, photos, audio or even other websites. Although the free version limits the number of notes that can be uploaded every month, it is still very helpful in sharing content between tutors and their students as the app allows users to sync multiple users.

  1. Quizizz

As the name suggests, Quizizz uses a quiz style teaching and learning method. This app will help to make studying and learning more interesting and fun. It feeds the natural competitiveness of students and can be very efficient in motivating students. The app can also be used periodically to test the knowledge of students allowing tutors to monitor the progress of their students easily.

  1. StudyBlue

Flashcards are a very important tool for many students. They allow students to revise efficiently and make memorisation easier and more convenient. StudyBlue provides a platform for tutors to upload study materials and more importantly, allows students to make their own electronic flashcards. These flashcards can also be shared on the platform allowing students to help each other in their studying process.

  1. Seesaw

Seesaw provides a platform for students of all ages and skill levels to browse for and complete creative educational activities. Students are able to annotate and draw, make captions and even record notes with their voice. It also allows tutors and parents to monitor the progress of the student very easily.

  1. Tracker

Tracker is a video analysis and model building tool with a wide variety of functions that can assist Physics tutors greatly in teaching new concepts and equations. Object tracking, auto tracking and video modelling options allow students to visually understand topics like circular motion, magnetism and waves.

  1. Duolingo

Nowadays, learning a third language or even fourth language is becoming more and more common because of the globalisation of our culture. Teaching a new language can be difficult for tutors especially since they are only able to teach for a few hours every week.


Having an app like Duolingo to assist the students’ learning outside of lesson time will make learning much more efficient. The app can help students learn new words and constantly be reminded of the words that they already should know, which allows progressive learning instead of constantly falling behind.

  1. Tick Tick

Creating study schedules for students to follow will allow them to stay on track for their studies and ensures that they continue progressing. Tick Tick is a popular to do list and planner app that allows tutors and students to organise their studies. It also allows the user to sync multiple devices which makes it much easier for tutors to keep track of their students’ study schedule and progress.

  1. Kahoot

Something that almost everyone is familiar with. With its fun and intense music, the quizzes on kahoot help to make learning more interesting. The score system that Kahoot has makes getting each question right much more rewarding and can help greatly to motivate students. It can also be made into a fun competitive game between students to see who understands the content better.

  1. Trello

One problem that many tutors face is forgetting what homework they assigned to each of their students. Forgetting to collect and grade homework can cause students to fall behind schedule very easily. Trello is an app that can help tutors keep track of all the work they have assigned for their students, keep track of the work that they want to assign and also the work that has already been completed.

  1. Epic!

Reading is necessary for any student to perform well in their studies. Many students however do not have this habit and have trouble developing it as they grow older. Tutors also face difficulty trying to convince students to read. This app helps children engage in immersive reading in their book of choice. The app also allows tutors and parents to monitor the progress of how much students have read.


These apps are just a few of the very many out there! Tutors can make use of these apps to the best of their ability to provide the best kind of teaching possible for their students. Education is evolving in different forms these days and it’s no doubt that tutors as well as students have to keep up with this pace.  

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