Best video analysis software 2021

Security has always been a prime concern for any business, be it offline or online, making surveillance essential. Brands, be it small or big, are beginning to take the privilege of security cameras than ever before allowing them to monitor and administer movement and any incidents.

To have continuous monitoring and analysis, companies need to have the right video management software that allows them to support the functions that user is looking for.

If you are looking for the best video analytics software for your business, it is essential to have an integrated solution. With an integrated software and hardware solution, you can save yourself from the struggle of compatibility and maintenance required to make it easy to use and pairing with third-party security-related software solutions.

Top Video Analytics Software For Your Business

  1. Zone Minder
  • One of the most renowned analytics software for both home and business security as Business Process Automation. Zone Minder is designed that dictates to the user exactly what they are looking for. Zone Minder is extremely easy to use and set up. The software is compatible with all different kinds of surveillance cameras, which leaves you with the hassle to pick any specific camera.

Furthermore, the software comes with a whole new suite of apps. The applications work together that offer superior quality business surveillance.

  1. Luxriot Evo

A free video analytics software that allows you to focus on seamless video management. Luxriot Evo lets you deliver high-grade customer service. The software comes with a myriad of features such as audio editing to frame accuracy and digital effects and to stream video directly to YouTube Live.

Luxriot Evo is also compatible with every kind of IP camera but has limitations as it supports not more than 10 channels, which is suitable and appropriate for small and mid-sized businesses.

  1. Blue Iris

This video analytics software is a popular cloud-based that leverages anyone to remotely monitor and control camera feeds. Due to its ease of compatibility, without any restrictions and limitations, with third-party cameras.

Implementing Blu Iris does not cost even a penny for licensing the software for multiple cameras. This allows all the hardware to get connected at one focal point and get interconnected. Above all, Blu Iris offers massive video editing and playback options for you to pick from.

  1. Ivideon Server

Regarded as the best option for those looking into free IP camera recording software. Ivideon Server is a powerful software the alerts the user hastily when detected any unusual incidents.

This smart video analytics software can detect movements such as subtle flickering of lights & similar more with an intelligent algorithm. Unlike other software, Ivideon Server requires a subscription to benefit from cloud services. However, the basic functions are free to use and can be operated very well.

  1. ContaCam Video Management

The fast and the lightest video analytics software that you want to peek into is ContaCam software that is versatile to meet the needs of its users. The software is up to date and can be integrated with the latest technology offering you a daily summary video creation option. Its stable performace allows you to capture difficult scenarios such as license plate recognition.

Without any struggle, you can easily integrate ContaCam and just set between motion detection or continuous recording feature, add the name of the camera, and finally configure the duration of the files to be kept.

  1. Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki has a wide range of solutions that solves your security-related problems. The robust Cisco Meraki comes with integrated AI-powered video analytics that keeps track of motion inclusive of detection and search.

The software is connected with the cloud that lets you store ample data, keeping the firmware always up to date that fixes bugs at all costs and creates a comprehensive security solution wherever you need it.

  1. Rhombus

Just like Meraki, Rhombus is another comprehensive solution that offers a clean dashboard for you to monitor everything in real-time. Rhombus is easy to install and use as it gets rapidly connected with cameras of all kinds which are further connected to the cloud.

You get quick alerts along with the filtered footage of movements, faces, sensor events, unusual behavior, & many more.

Rhombus can also be integrated with multiple third-party solutions to give you the complete security infrastructure that you desire.

  1. SmartViewer

This smart video analytics solution has been designed by the very renowned brand, Samsung. SmartViewer is designed to stay compatible with NVR and DVR cameras and devices.

This solution is the best fit for small or mid-sized businesses as it supports up to 72 devices with a myriad of viewing options. Smart Viewer also lets its user monitor & view its favorites and search the data as per the type of event.

The only point to note here is that this device does not come for free to use, you might need to pay for a few features.

  1. Camcloud VMS

An absolutely free-to-use cloud-based video surveillance solution that offers fast and fails safe monitoring. This unique piece of hardware can auto-detect cameras effectively within the infrastructure and configure them with the cloud seamlessly.

Hence, no problem with storage as cloud storage supports critical footage saving for 90 days which can be accessed and managed remotely as well as archived within 90 days.

The best part about storing and managing data through the cloud is that you do have to begin from scratch when you lose network connectivity, everything gets simultaneously stored in the cloud.

  1. WebcamXP VMS

Last but not the least, this versatile video analytics software goes out of the imagination. Unlike the above-mentioned list of analytical software, Webcam XP VMS can be worked offline. That means you do not require an internet connection all the time to run the software, you can easily connect and monitor mobile devices and computers as well as transmit video data or where required or capture still and short recordings.

Conclusion –

Multiple types of video cameras and surveillance enable indoor and outdoor activity. However, every software is different and functions uniquely, and requires special integration to make the process seamless. Get the most optimum camera and compatible video analytics software that help you in more accurate and less frequent alerts.

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