Best Ways to Fix Cell Phone from Heating? Step by Step Guide

Are you facing a heating issue with your mobile phone? Here we have described how to fix a heating problem at the lowest cost. 

 Do you regularly use your phone? How many apps have you installed on your phone? Are you always out in the sun with your phone? Well, overheating in cell phones can happen because of multiple reasons. In such cases, your devices are likely to stop functioning or may hang while you use them. You opt for cell phone repair from shops like Mobile Junction, but you can also try to fix the issue on your own before that. But let us first understand what makes our phones get overheated.

 Why do our phones get overheated?

 Phone heating issues can come up due to various reasons. Your phone’s temperature depends upon the temperature of the surrounding environment. Too scorchy temperature can badly damage your phone and result in battery drain, forced shutdown, and can also lead to a total meltdown of your Central Processing Unit (CPU). Moreover, using your phone for constant hours could also result in overheating of your phone. 

Your phone’s battery works overtime. As a result, your phone gets overheated. Your phone can also get overheated because of having multiple apps. Even if you have numerous apps on your phone, it may also contact damaged. Many of these apps that run in the background consume too much battery power. This can also result in battery draining which ultimately happens because the battery experiences too much pressure and gets overused leading to overheating. 

Lastly, one more reason that could overheat your battery is overcharging. If you are one of those people who have a habit of charging your phone all the time and sometimes leave it even when it is 100% then, of course, your phone is likely to get overheated. So do not do it. Remember, your phone might not switch on if it shuts down due to overheating. Thus, to prevent such situations, you can refer to the solutions against overheating. 

 Tips to fix your phone from overheating:

  •  Do Not Expose Your Phone To The Sunlight 

 If you have to move out always during the day due to whatever reasons, then make it a point not to expose your phone in the sunlight. The longer it is exposed to the sun, the longer it gets heated. Sun’s heat and light are retained by the phone leading it to overheat. So keep your phone in your bag or your pocket or in any place where it is out of the sun. 

  •  Swipe The Apps Running in The Background

We unknowingly open a lot of apps on our phones and forget to close them. As a result, these apps keep running in the background, which consumes unnecessary battery power. Imposing pressure on your phone’s battery will always cause it to get overheated. Hence, the simplest solution to these is to wipe out all the apps running in the background. Different phones have different ways of seeing the apps running in the background, though. Moreover, wiping out the apps prevents your phone’s battery from investing its power unnecessarily, contributing to improving its battery life.

  •  Do Away With Too Much Screen Brightness

When we use our phones in the sun, we tend to increase its brightness to up to 100. Well, increasing your phone’s brightness too high will force your phone’s battery to work hard. This also overheats the phone. Thus, the best and cheapest solution to this is to use an anti-glare screen cover. This will not make it difficult for you to see your screen even when you are under the sun, and it will not demand you to increase your screen brightness. Hence, the battery will not work harder forcefully to improve its durability.

  •  Use Airplane mode

This mode allows you to use essential functions in your phone and does not let you use other unnecessary tasks which can drain your battery life and encourage overheating. Hence, you should use Airplane mode on your phone at times.

  •  Take Your Case Off

 If your phone has got too overheated, then it needs to exude that heat. Hence, instead of Googling for Phone repair near me, you need to remove your phone’s case or cover. Once you remove the case, the phone’s heat shall slowly go away, easing it to cool.

 Bottom Line

 All types of phones experience the problem with overheating. If you are a user living in London, you can visit Mobile Junction, an efficient phone repair in London. They can resolve your phone-related problems, including overheating.


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