Brahmatal Trek’s Complete Guide-A Fine Trek for Beginners

Because of the mountain views, some of our top walks are favorites. Think of Deoriatal Chandrashila or Dayara Bugyal’s Bandarpoonch. Such spectacular views of large mountains such as these are hard to find. Brahmatal, however, is a trek with a cake. You have a point of view that beats them all!

You are in the middle of the mountain view at the peak of Jhandi. The huge Trishul Mt. rises to your right and Mt Nanda Ghunti stands to your left. You can see even the Ronti Saddle, the ridge between Mount Trishul and Mount Nanda Ghunti!

Not everything. A new set of mountains is opening up before you at the highest point of Brahmatal Top. You can see Mt Neelkanth, Mt Hathi Ghoda… whereas you are on the right-hand side of Trishul and Nanda Ghunti. There, always.

You are your companions on the whole trip, Mt Trishul and Mt Nanda Ghunti. On the side exposed to Mt Trishul and Mt Nanda Ghunti the highest point of this walk is approached. This walk should be discussed among treks with the best views of the mountain.

It is one of the few walking tours in January and February in peak winter months

In addition, Brahmatal trek  has beautiful forests, two lakes, and a meadow to cross. In peak winter, the whole trail is under the snow. However, all these experiences must be gained. The walk is modest. We’d recommend that you get ready.

What I like about Brahmatal

Forest of Rhododendrons from Bekaltal to Tiland

 His hypnotic forest walks are Brahmatal. You can walk around the hundreds of old Rhododendron and Oaks forests. The dedicated Rhododendron section remains with me in particular! You get a distinct segment of the Rhododendron Forests from the very beginning of Bekaltal.

The Rhodo woods are an eye-catcher. The trunks are changed and changed into forms and forms. Typically the trunks are naked and smooth wooded. The trees are not too big and at the top, there’s a nice canopy. You are close enough for your head to form a perfect green roof.

That’s what you see all year round. You have a pink flowery roof when you come here in March and April. You get a white snowy tapestry if you come here during the winter!

From Tilandi to Jhandi Top the ridge wilderness

 On the second day, you climb up some of the most beautiful rhododendron and oak forests from Bekaltal Trekking. You are curious and excited to see as you approach the top, what’s out of the tree line.

You enter the meadow on the top of the mountain and there is a white mountain wall in front of you. You can see a wonderful view of the Trishul range as you climb all the way up to the ridge (that runs alongside the Ali Bugyal River Roopkund).

From there the entire route to Jhandi is one of the best ridges walks in our mountains. You have the powerful Trishul spectrum on one side and open layers and mountain layers in high order all along the way to Deval and Tharali on the other.

These are the towns through which you went to the base camp. The whole Roopkund trek extends to your right under the range of Trishul. From the Brahmatal ridge, every landmark, camping, climbing on Roopkund. I’ve never stood on one trek and walked another, perhaps the most emblematic trek of its kind.

The Brahmatal Lake

I’m delighted about the Brahmatal and the lakes. On one side of the ridge, the campsite is located open to mountain layers that fall into the lower towns below. From here you get almost 25 km of uninterrupted views.

The colors of the sunlight up the sky at dusk facing the western horizon. Looking at the sky changing colors, more than half an hour from yellow to orange to pink to blue was amazing.

Brahmatal is not as big as a lake around which the trek revolves. It’s also not on the way. You have to go to the lake in the middle of a meadow that is modulated. The only other element in the image is a lone tree or two. In the middle of a vast meadow, the lake is like a crystal clear blu oasis.

I felt completely away from everything else in the world standing beside the lake. The clear lake with nothing else in view is the perfect place for yourself to enter a reflecting area.

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