Can I put LED lights on my car?

There is no doubt that LED headlights have many advantages: better illumination, an attractive white light, superior reliability and durability … but, can I install it in my car if it comes with other technology such as halogen or xenon as standard?

Yes you can, but it is much more complicated than it seems. It’s not about buying the bulbs and placing them; you have to pass several approvals and the entire process can cost more than 300 euros.

Keep in mind that each headlight is designed to work with a specific lamp (halogen, xenon, LED …), so if you change it, you will most likely have to change the entire headlight, and in the case of the front ones This is considered a major reform and therefore has to undergo a specific inspection and be accompanied by the documentation of the different approvals.

If you are still determined to do it, the first thing to do is look for a lamp approved by the European Union (EU) and that in such a way is reflected in the bulb with the classic “E” icon in a circumference and with a specific numbering. The next thing will be to acquire some headlights to which these lamps can be attached, and which of course are also approved by the EU.

LED light with night vision and anti-glare function

The next thing will be to take all the material to an authorized workshop since we cannot do the installation ourselves even if we have the necessary knowledge and means, since we will need the installation certificate.

Similarly, the vehicle manufacturer must issue a document that can be obtained from a refurbishment laboratory, such as IDIADA in Tarragona or INTA in Madrid. A ‘ conformity report ‘ will be issued here, certifying the approval of the lamps and headlights, as well as their correct installation by the authorized workshop.

With everything in order and the certificates in hand, it will be time to go to the ITV to undergo a ‘ reform inspection’. If everything has been done correctly and the test has been passed, it will be stated in the official technical sheet of the vehicle. Otherwise, you would be exposed to paying a fine of 200 euros for not having the reform regulated, since it could be considered as a serious defect of the vehicle.

However, and if all the procedures are passed the first time, we will have had to pass up to three approvals in different places and we will have paid a little more than 300 euros to be able to enjoy some LED lights in our car.


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