Document editing and reading applications

One of the main functions you will need in your mobile office is to read, edit and create documents from your smartphone or tablet. While you can access the documents you create from your laptop, you will still need to be able to access them from mobile devices to view or edit the data. In these cases, we recommend that you work in the cloud.


It is the perfect addition to your Gmail and Drive account for editing documents online. The only downside is that for people without Gmail, Hangouts is an unusable app. We offer you an alternative.


This tool developed by Google in addition to your Gmail account, allows you to create a community in the cloud. You can create, edit, comment on, view and share text documents, tables of contents, presentations, images, etc. The possibilities are limitless. The only downside is that to view from mobile devices you have to download an app, which takes up little space on the phone, but if you want to make changes, you have to download an additional, heavier app. It still works great on tablets and smartphones.

Video conferencing application

In an increasingly globalized world where it is necessary to stay in touch with our customers, suppliers, colleagues, etc. It is essential to have the possibility to communicate at all times! Applications are essential for SMEs. Desktop ones such as Skype and Hangouts are very useful because they allow you to make video conferences much more effective than a simple call. That’s why we suggest these Maven Digital mobile app development services.


The best-known video conferencing tool, it is also the most widely used internationally. It has been at the top of the lists of video calling apps on desktop for years. The truth is that it arrived late on mobile devices, but in the past year has managed to gain ground. In addition, with a Wi-Fi connection the mobile version works as well as the version on the computer. In this case, it is easier for our customers and suppliers to have a Skype account; it is a good idea to bet on this application.

Banking applications

It all depends on your bank, of course, although most of them have their own apps from which you can view your accounts and make transfers and payments. On the other hand, if you want your application to make payments, you have to know how to choose the payment methods.


Yes, in this case we recommend Flashiz because this application wants to become “universal mobile payment”. With it, you can pay with your mobile not only in online stores, but also in physical stores.

Quick access applications

Do you know what a pitcher is? Maybe, but in case we sum up: change and tailor how your mobile device works to make it easier to access features. This is very useful for turning your smartphone into a mobile office because you will have quick and easy access to the apps you use the most. We present the two star apps depending on whether you are using Android or iOS.

Yahoo aviate

This is the star launcher app for Android devices. The advantage is that this launcher adapts to contexts, whether at the level of our activity (work, street, home, sport, etc.) or at the time of day, as you want to configure. It was so well accepted that it was even acquired by Yahoo recently.

Aviate Launcher

In case you have a device with a Cupertino operating system, apps like Launcher or Quick-Tap which were leaders in download have been removed from the store. As an alternative, we offer you Aviate Launcher an application similar to the Android application, but adapted for iOS. It’s not free. It has many functions and allows you to change the look of your iOS device and create shortcuts or shortcuts to dozens of features (calling, opening your favorite website, sending and reading emails, and more. Cloud storage applications

As we already told you in the case of Drive, save the documents in the cloud and the key to turn your smartphone into a mobile office. Dropbox and Box, allow you to access all your documents from your devices which are stored in the cloud. They are compatible with all your mobile devices and computers in the office or at home. While there are other great options like Azure, great for working in the cloud if you are working in mobile app development.


Historically, Dropbox has been one of the most famous tools and the first to offer cloud document storage, creation of shared folders, etc. Dropbox allows you to have 2G storage space in the free account although you can extend it by paying for a subscription. There is also a business version focused on business, although the most powerful use is personal use. Above all, it emphasizes the high level of security, and it pays off.

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