Guide to Choose the Best International in Ahmedabad

As the largest city and administrative headquarters of Gujarat, Ahmedabad has established itself as a vital industrial and economic hub of India. Having been earmarked as one of the cities to be developed as a “smart city” under the Smart Cities Mission by the Indian Government, Ahmedabad has become a go-to commercial and residential metropolis for individuals and families from across India. Consequently, its education sector has also developed considerably over the years.

Today, with the unprecedented development taking place in this region, hundreds of schools and colleges are available at a student’s disposal at Ahmedabad. Selecting from this plethora can become a rather time-consuming and challenging decision for students and parents. So, here are some essential tips that one may follow while shortlisting the best international schools in Ahmedabad:

  1. Pedagogy Through Technology

While traditional classroom teaching methods can never go out of fashion, many reputed international schools are upgrading their classrooms by utilizing advanced educational technology. From iPads and MacBooks to SMART TVs and audio-visual media, modern classrooms are equipped with premier technological facilities integrated organically with the traditional class arrangement. Teachers in these schools also help students to use the technical equipment independently and optimally.

  1. Affordability and Accessibility to All

While admitting your child at an international school, the two A’s to consider are ‘affordability’ and ‘accessibility’. Parents often consider international schools as beyond their leagues due to the high fees. However, the best schools evaluate parents’ monthly incomes and provide merit-cum-means scholarships to make education accessible across financial spectrums. For example, the Mahatma Gandhi Universal Values Merit Cum Means Scholarship by GIIS in Ahmedabad considers a child’s merit and the parents’ financial status to provide scholarships to those in need.

  1. Less Commute Time = More Study Time!

The fewer the students commute to and from their schools, the more time and energy they can utilize for studies, play and leisure. In a big city like Ahmedabad, it is essential to shortlist a school that is well-connected by roads and flyovers to the different parts of the city. The school must also provide school-bus facilities to pick and drop the students from and back to their homes.

  1. Teachers as Skilled Facilitators

The best teachers are the ones who teach their students how to learn. Today, in most reputed international schools, teachers act more as facilitators in the learning process, guiding students to freely and independently explore knowledge. They utilize different media of instruction to facilitate holistic and innovative education. They are knowledgeable about their subject and adept at imparting the same as effectively as possible.

  1. Holistic and Innovative Curricula

Typically, an international school must offer curricula from different boards, including ICSE, IGCSE and CBSE. The best schools do away with the idea of rigidly assessing students only on their academic skills. Instead, they incorporate various other criteria, including sports, creativity, arts, personality development, leadership, community care etc. Such a holistic approach facilitates the students’ all-around development at the physical, emotional, mental and social levels. It enables one to blossom into a well-adjusted citizen of the modern world.

  1. Transcending the Classroom: Extracurricular and Co-Curricular Activities

 Premier international schools in Ahmedabad and other prominent cities understand that each student’s hobbies and interests may be different. Thus, they provide a wide array of extracurricular and co-curricular activities to nurture every student’s interests. In terms of extracurricular activities, they must offer various sports, from indoor activities like badminton and chess to outdoor ones like football and cricket. Top schools also conduct co-curricular activities in multiple fields ranging from vocal music and dance to cooking and theatrics. The campus must include adequate facilities to conduct such activities, including indoor and outdoor sports grounds, amphitheatres etc.

  1. Every Facility Under One Roof

Holistic education can only take place on a campus that offers world-class amenities to its students. Premier international schools include a plethora of amenities suited to students of all levels, from pre-primary to higher secondary. Some such facilities include well-resourced libraries, audio-visual rooms, IT and maths labs, a Montessori laboratory, designated indoor and outdoor sports fields, kindergarten play area etc.

  1. Safety as the First Priority

There should be no compromise on the safety and security of children in the school premises. While shortlisting a school in a megacity like Ahmedabad, ensure that you pick one that exercises significant safety measures like CCTV cameras across the campus, secured entries and exits (preferably through biometrics), and identification cards for each staff member.


Educating your child in an emerging educational hub like Ahmedabad is a major decision that can cause stress to parents. Instead of worrying, parents must allocate sufficient time in researching each school thoroughly. Talking to other parents and an online search are the most recommended ways to know more about the school. It helps to personally visit the campus, interact with the faculty members, and make an informed decision.

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