Herbal ways to get darken hair

This is a normal process as the hair starts to turn white as we get older. If the hair goes this way, no problem. But many people have white hair at a young age. The hair may be white for various reasons. The dyeing material in our hair helps keep our hair black. As we get older, the dyeing material begins to diminish, causing the hair in our heads to start to turn. But now, at a young age, many people are starting to get maturity. The main reason for this is that because of our surroundings and physical problems, many people turn white at a young age. And once we get our hair done, we all have to use hair dye. But using it more often makes the hair in our head become more white. Today we discuss some of the herbal ways to whiten and refresh your hair:

So now let’s find out how to darken our hair and refresh the beans:

Materials required:

  • 20 black leaf.
  • Two cups of brown leaves .
  • 10 Neem leaves.


First, soak the leaves in separate containers for a while. Then mix the leaves together in bat and make a car paste.

Rules of Use:

After making the paste it should be applied to the hair and scalp well. Once it is fitted, you should leave it for 5 minutes. Then after washing it has to be washed. Clean thoroughly during the wash so that no leaf powder is stuck.

If you use this pack two days a week, your hair will become darker.

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