How can the DOT consultants help you obtain IP 1 License?

Cell towers, duct space, antennas, right of way, internet access and others, all are providing Infrastructure as a service. In this world, where real people are getting separated, virtual connection is everything. That’s why, for those willing, and those who can afford, there is profit to be made as infrastructure provider.

But you cannot just do that if you “only” have money or infrastructure, you need to obtain the IP1 License as well.

India is currently hosting a lot, and we mean of lot of business consultants. Many of them provide IP1 License. However, providing the certification so that you can start as company that enables “infrastructure as service providers” is not that easy. But even more difficult is finding the one who can help you.

We are going to make it easy for you. Through this article, you’ll know how can a DOT consultants help you  obtain the IP1 License. As you read it, you’ll know exactly what kind of business license service providers to look for.

Understanding the requirements of the IP1 license

The experts that you reach out for help in matters of IP1 licensing are already privy to all the necessary notifications surrounding. If you think about it, becoming an infrastructure provider, as lucrative it is, is not a very common business. In response, the official  website for the IP1 license also suffers from a drought when it comes to information about it. But that’s not the case with the experts.

In their efforts to make associations so that they can streamline the IP1 License process, the experts are able to provide all the requirement details. Once you have it, you can infiltrate infrastructure as a service market.

Filing all the minute details in the IP licensing application

Unlike most government registrations that have caught up with digitization – and provide online method of application filing, IP1 license is still old school. You need to physically file the application and submit it to the Department of telecommunication. While for many it’s not a big deal, it becomes bigger when you realize that a single mistake would mean going to the department again and again.

The DOT consultants, in this regard, help file your application in the most thorough possible manner. Being seasoned in the application filing process, they understand the details you need to fill. In order to not burden with the filing process, these experts take the tasks on their shoulders.

Providing  a complete roadmap of licensing process

You can’t file the application, submit the attachment and fees, and then get the license. In an ideal world, it would be this easy. However, as we already stated, there are multiple things that can go wrong in the application filing process. We can’t even begin to count the number of times we thought we filed the application correctly and received a default. That’s why, an expected roadmap is required for how the application processing can take place and when can you get the application.

And only IP1 consultants are skill-full enough to provide you the roadmap.

After certification compliance

The above three processes will help the consultants give you the IP1 license on time. however, that doesn’t mean that your pains have ended.

There are multiple IP1 license compliances. Some you are required file within a few months of getting the licenses, some are annual, some are biannual and some are on an event based. The DOT consultants have tapped into the blood vessel of government notifications. They know where the flow is going. Thus, they can provide you the right information regarding your requirements on time.


From possessing a deep understanding of filing the application, to filing the application on your behalf. From helping you follow up with the DOT to even standing by you even when after you’ve gotten the IP1 license, the DOT consultants can not only help you get the license, but can assist you even beyond it.

On the fence about whether or not become an Infrastructure provider and get the IP 1 License.

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