How can you keep yourself motivated and stay on track to achieve your goals or dreams?

The mind of a lion and a dog. Suppose you have a dog in front of you.You’re throwing a bone toward the dog and the dog is trying to jump.

The dog, with his highest enthusiasm, jumped and grabbed the bone and brought it to you.In this way, you will see the same interest in the puppy.

Now imagine a lion instead of a dog. Similarly, what would a lion do if a bone were thrown to a lion?

But the lion will not forget and leave behind the bones. ?Do you know why ?The reason – the lion sees a box bone in front of him instead of a bone-you, meat-free with Goddess Goddess!The lion sees a bigger picture (a box of bones) in front of him instead of a smaller picture (a bone).

When the lion’s attention is focused on eating you, let’s have a bone in the oven.

Here both the dog and the lion have a focal point. In the case of a dog, a bone and a lion — a box of bones.

But this focus will not only lead to their success.

Every time a bone is thrown in front of a dog, the dog will see a small picture each time and respond with equal enthusiasm – with full attention.

And even though a thousand times a boneless bone is thrown at the lion, the lion will not listen to it, keeping its full attention on one side – in the larger picture (the bone-in-the-box with meat).

Keeping the focus on the big picture, without prioritizing the smaller pictures, leads to success.

He will throw us countless meatballs on our way to life. They will also take away your attraction because we are human beings. Our attention will go away.

And so you have to train yourself to look at the big picture like a lion.

Learn to focus on the big picture, like a lion, by setting your own big picture or life’s goals.

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