How to eat licorice and what are the benefits?

It is a kind of tree root. Which has been used for many years as an ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine. It is also commonly consumed by chewing gum and then used for tea making. Its taste is mildly bitter and sweet. Dried is stored in the plate.

1.Clinical and Experimental tests have been proven to cause ulcers licorice glaisiraijina and glaisiratika acid dehydrogenase and prostaglandins ridakateja 15 haidroksiprostaglandina stomach ulcer or heal wounds and prevent enadraimera the effectiveness of enzymes in the stomach mucous prostaglandila E and F by increasing emissions of memabrenake Protects.

2.Glycyrrhizin protects liver cells from toxic substances.

3. The herb extracts the cuff in liquid form and can cough well. It also helps to eliminate bronchitis, tonsillitis and colitis.

4. Glycemic acid of the liver prevents allergies by reducing histamine excretion from mast cells.

5.Glycyrrhizin prevents the growth and progression of various pathogenic viruses. It can also help prevent various bacteria and fungi that cause liver disease.

 licorice benefit
eat licorice for benefit


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