How to enhance your memory power in #33 days naturally?

brain memory

Memory is an integral part of ours which is processed by our brain, so it is quite similar to the brain capacity of ours. Most often, with our aging, this capacity or the power of our memory may decrease than earlier. Actually, it is quite natural and common phenomena.

But the good news is that our memory capacity is not fixed or limited but it can be expandable or contain more capacity than our imagination. You may need to exercise your brain and keep work with your body to take care of your physical health, and thus the way, you can increase your memory power.

To strengthen you need to do some practice regularly, as you may know, that like increasing muscle strength you need to work hard regularly through workouts and exercises and here for memory power increasing you also need to work out with some methods and follow a guideline. Because you know that the more you use it more strength you will get for both cases.

Try to learn a new thing or at least try to develop a new skill and keep practicing till you master the skill and you will see some positive outcome during the whole process. You may play or do those activities which can involve your brain into the activity. Like,

•        Like play chess

•        Learn a new language

•        Solve crosswords or Sudoku

•        Learn some musical instrument

Or try to do something new that can be beneficial for your mental health.

There’s a major issue with your mental stress, so you need to keep calm and reduce your stress. And, to do that, you may practice meditation. Try to meditate 15-20 minutes daily or more till you feel relax and obviously it will help you to remove your anxiety and make certain improvements of your thinking, makes you feel better.

Yoga and some stretching workout will help you, increase your physical stamina and flexibility in your move beside it may change some functions of your brain. It may help you by reducing your mental stress, anxiety and resolve your depression. An interesting fact to be known that yoga counteracts contracting fundamentally in the left half of the globe your brain, which is related to positive feelings, for example, joy and satisfaction.

Better sleep is an important fact for strengthen your brain and help you to increase your memory power. The average time for a good sleep varies from person to person with age variation. Adults may need 7 to 8 hours sleep to relax their brain. When you sleep, your brain solidifies data into your long haul memory bank. When you aren’t getting enough sleep, it influences your brains capacity to do this and your memory endures with different problems.

Many other facts like lead a life with organized way, eat healthily and nutrient contain foods, follow a good diet, regular exercise, drink plenty of water, try to laugh enough, be social, see your doctor according to the appointment and do regular checkups, try to adapt with your surroundings and most importantly be happy with yourself.

Final words,

If you follow the above tips & techniques and concentrate on them, you certainly get positive results soon. Your brain loves those practices and in this way, you can simply increase the power of your memory. So, try to involve yourself into above-mentioned activities and stay healthy always.

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