How to Make Glued Nails Look Natural?

Glued nails have become a pretty big trend over the past few years. Many women who are tired of their regular, boring manicures opt to go all out and get a really creative “do” to add some pizzazz to their nails. For some, they either use nail polish or buy their own glue for their nail sets. If you’re thinking about having your nails done and you’ve already got your nails done with store-bought glue then here are some quick tips that can help you remove your glue easily and keep them from coming back!


First, you should always take your time when applying nail glue. Using too much can cause it to dry out and then crack, causing more problems than it fixes. There’s no need to worry though, most stores sell premade nail glue that makes it easier to remove and apply without a lot of mess or time involved. If you have a salon that does your manicures regularly then they probably have a couple of tools that they use to remove nail glue that is leftover. If you do your manicures at home a lot, then you may be able to find premade tools in your beauty supply section at the local drugstore.


One of the first things you need to do after your nails have been applied is to sand them pretty well. Use a really fine-toothed sander to remove any rough spots. After you sand them, apply a coat of thinner. Thinners are very important when applying polish to your pretty press-on nails because they keep the color from cracking or chipping. You also want to reapply the thinner every couple of weeks because thinners will run out eventually.


After your nails have been sanded, cleaned, and applied to their thinners, it’s time to put the adhesive tabs in. Make sure that your adhesive tabs are screwed together tightly or else they’ll come off easily while you’re applying them. Using a nail file makes the job go a lot faster. Make sure you use a scraper on the end of the nail file to scrape off excess glue. This way your pretty press-on nails will last longer.


Once you’re done applying all of your glue, you can now put your manicure stick on. The easiest way to do this is to use two fingers and hold the manicure stick up. Your index finger and middle finger should fit snugly around the nail and form a “V” shape. Now grip the nail set in one hand with the top hand resting against the nail and the thumb and middle finger lined up over the nails. You can’t hold the nail set straight with your thumb and finger so make sure you have them lined up properly.


Now you can put your pretty nails on. Apply the glue over your nails and let dry. Then wipe your nails down with a nail polish remover. While the polish is still on the nails you can apply some of your other glitters and nail art tips. Make sure to allow all of your nails to dry completely before putting them on. If you’re using glue and don’t let it dry completely, the glue can seep through and ruin your pretty nails.


Why Use Glued Nails When Decorating?

If you are learning how to decorate with nails, then you may be wondering why you should use glue for attaching nails. The reason I would suggest that you use glue for attaching your nails is that the glue holds the nail in place for a much longer time than the liquid that comes out of the bottle. When you apply glue to a nail it looks like it will stay there for a while, but in fact, after the glue has dried thoroughly it simply slides off the nail. I have seen many people that actually glue their nails on with a liquid nail glue remover that they have found in a beauty supply, and while it does solve the problem of how long your nails stay on pretty much, it also takes away any of the design or sparkle that you might get from using glues on your nails.


The other reason that I recommend that you avoid glue when learning how to decorate with nails is that glue is much harder to remove the liquid. Glues that you see at the beauty supply store are usually very slippery. You have to really watch what you are doing if you want to use them to help your nails remain as long as possible without falling off. It can be frustrating trying to remove the glue that has been used multiple times, and in some cases, you may actually have to file the nails until they are nice and smooth again. Once you have removed all of the glue you can apply the nail tape and leave the nails as they are for a few hours.


When learning how to decorate with nails it is important to remember that sometimes it is better to purchase some acrylic nails than you do glue nails. These nails have a much thicker substance to them than the glue that you are probably used to using. While the glue can be somewhat messy, if you plan on doing a lot of different nails then it is probably worth the extra time. Acrylic nails are also pretty durable and do not have as much chance to break if they are not taken care of properly. You should be able to find these nails at almost any salon or even at some stores that sell cosmetic supplies, so check around before making a decision.

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