How to Make ‘Six Pack Abs through Exercises’ on #48 WEEKS (ADULT,TEEN)

It appears like all over you look recently, you discover website once website promising to reveal a successive secret or long lost truth to obtaining six pack abs. whereas a number of these sites are legitimate, most are simply making an attempt to scam you out of your hard-earned cash. But you just can’t get 6 packs abs by doing all abs exercises if you are skipping the cardio and other parts. Crunches, sit ups, abs machine or belts and even intense abs workout also seem not be enough to gain a 6 pack abs.

Now, sit back please and listen my words first. You simply can’t get your desired 6 pack within a week or just within a few days. You need to motivate yourself first for the course and should have to make a routine and strictly follow the routine.

And, here is another important matter to consider that is the shape and structure of your body right now. If you are heavy and kind of fatty, then before proceeding to the workout for 6 packs you need to burn those fats from your abs at first. So, to do this you need to work with regular exercises first and maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Another fact to be considered for you before doing heavy workout. Suppose, you have not done any exercises till today so muscles are quite stiffer and vulnerable too. So, you need to loosen that stiffness and make them flexible. So, point to be noted, what can make your muscles flexible and get rid of the stiffness?

The Answer is…………Stretching workout is required for you to remove those feelings. Before ready to do other exercise, you must do some stretching workout first for 10-20 minutes or depending on your needs. There are different types of stretching exercises are available and these are designed for specific organs of your body and very much effective for relaxing your different organ muscles and make them quite flexible.

And, if you are quite low shaped and a little bit thin, then you need gain some weight by adding some extra nutrients in your food and do other exercises for gain the proper fitness.

You need to improve your core strength to perform some heavy and intense exercise to get your 6 pack abs. Strong Core muscles are actually required to perform those intense exercise because it will help you to control your breathing which is a mandatory fact for any kind of workouts and give you the necessary energy for the action. So, before jumping for 6 pack abs workout please search over internet, how to strengthen your core muscles.

There’s hundred to thousand videos and other workout guide will appear before you.

Finally, for the well-structured and healthy shaped persons, you can start your workout for 6 pack abs. But I recommend, do other workout like stretching, simple run, cardio and other exercises before you perform any intense abs workout. Because these exercises can help you to get the potential energy to perform those advance exercises and can reduce any chance of injuries during those exercise.

Here, I’m going to give you different exercises name and how you should perform them at your home or your gym. If you can’t get it right or don’t understand how to do you can even search over the internet by its name and you will get many description with photos and even more you will get videos how to perform them. So, let’s get back to the point and jump to those exercises……………….

  1. Start your day with some cardio workout which can raise your heart rates and help you to shape your muscles because you know we need to move our muscles for every exercises. Exercises like walking, running, cycling, treadmill, rowing, swimming, jumping jacks and ropes, skaters, rollbacks, sit outs, bench runners, mountain climber’s pushups etc. are such kind of exercises. Those exercises can help you loosen some extra fat from your body and strengthen your core muscles very fast and make you energetic & healthier than before. So, make a routine and start to follow them daily with 3 to 4 reps or till then you feel tired.
  2. You can add some other exercises like planks and its many variants such as lateral plank foot tap, plank to pushup, plank to knee tap, plank jack etc., different type of crunches, climbing and so many other exercises to make strengthen your core muscles and help you get your abs in shape.
  3. Here comes to the right exercises to get your six pack abs because after above mentioned exercises you have quite toned body structure and control over your breathing. You can now start some intense abs training exercises to get your rock solid abs and get your six packs within a short period.
  4. So, most intense and helpful abs exercise is crunch. I am going to tell you about crunches and its variants and how you should perform them. And, if you are not sure and don’t understand how to perform them then just search over the internet and you will get it right. Let’s begin….
  • Oblique crunches: This crunch can be a great way to improve abdominal muscles and your core strength. Work on maintaining the appropriate form by keeping your fingertips on the back of your head, rolling your knees to one side and bringing one side up at a time to assemble your knees on the opposite side. Start with 3 sets to 10 reps daily.
  • Bicycle crunches: Try to lift your legs in the air and crunch it hardly for a better result. It can help you with your oblique as well as your thighs. Start with 3 sets to 10 reps daily.
  • Reverse crunch: The reverse crunch is a core exercise and it targets the muscles of the lower abdomen. First lie down on the floor with your palms facing down then bend hips and knees 90 degrees. Finally raise your hips from the floor and crunch them inward. Then lower down your legs until it reaches to the floor. Do it 3 sets of 20 reps.
  • Crunches with leg variations: keep your legs in the air at 90 degree angle or keep your legs straight in the air and point your feet at the ceiling and crunch it. Do it 3 sets of 20 reps also.
  • Double crunch: Lie on your back and your knees should be in bending form and feet flat, hips are quite apart from the floor. Put your hand fingertips on each side of your head then contract your abs to lift your shoulders and upper back from the floor. Squeeze your abs at the top and return to your beginning position.


Whether you are aiming to achieve six packs abs but its bit of hard to gain in a short time. You need to work hard and dedication and also require patience and self-motivation get your job done. So, Keep calm and start your workout as soon as possible to achieve your goal. Thanks for staying with us!

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