How To Nail Airport Style for Men?

Airports are generally not the ideal place to hang out. They are busy, noisy, and usually filled with blaring PA systems and bawling babies. There are long lines at baggage claim, and even longer ones at immigration control. That’s not to mention the limited space to move around for passengers, despite the size of most airport lounges. You might think this is one of those situations where you can fly under the radar wearing Bermuda shorts, an old tee-shirt, and slides with socks. You’d be wrong to think that, and if you do turn up wearing that, somebody should report the disaster to TSA.

Getting Men’s Airport Style Right in 2021

Despite the cold and unwelcoming feel of the airport, which is a transit point by design, men do end up spending significant portions of time at the airport. You may have just landed, or are waiting for a connected flight, or facing delays in take-off, or any number of reasons. But you will find yourself sitting at an airport at some point, and you need to ensure you don’t become a product of that particular environment. In other words, lose the shorts for khaki cargo pants and the tee-shirt for a neutral-colored button-down. A great look for the occasion, comfortable, stylish, and with the casual grace of the consummate traveler. And there are plenty more that you can try with clothes you already own, such as the ones below:

A Cool but Effective Mask

First things first. Safety is paramount when traveling because it can endanger other travelers in addition to you. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have an addition to the usual hygiene precautions we take. Specifically, you need to be wearing a mask at all times in public, and especially inside the closed confines of your flight. You don’t want to dress your best and then arrive at your destination with a cold or even worse! And don’t forget your pocket-sized hand sanitizer! Those airport surfaces could have tons of germs from all over the world.

Attire Specific to The Destination

The destination you are trying to get to should play a key part in your travel attire. The beauty of dressing for the airport lies in its efficiency. You don’t want to start rummaging around in your luggage immediately after baggage claim because the Helsinki airport in Finland is freezing this time of year. It is always cold in Finland (and many other travel destinations) so you should be ready for the destination weather before you even board your flight. Spend time to learn about what weather to expect on arrival, and layer your clothes accordingly. If you’re traveling to Dubai in the summer, wear light clothes that reflect heat. If you’re traveling to Finland in the winter, layer up with a jacket so you don’t feel cold. It’s all in the research and applying it to your travel wardrobe selection.

Practical Clothes with Lots of Pockets

Traveling can often be stressful and there is almost always an underlying feeling of panic and anxiety. For new travelers, this can be even harder, especially with the fear of losing important documents like your passport or boarding pass, or belonging like your phone, watch, or jewelry. The solution is obvious, your clothing should be practical and versatile enough to meet your traveling needs. More specifically, make sure you wear clothes with lots of pockets, so you can store your phone, wireless earbuds, chargers, travel and identification documents, and other paraphernalia without the risk of misplacing them at the airport. Something as simple as a pair of cargo pants can make travel much easier for the average man.

The Versatile Light Jacket

Whether you’re expecting cold weather or not, it is a safe bet to have a light jacket on hand. You can wear it when you need to, and store it in your carry-all without too much effort when it gets too warm. Light jackets typically won’t cause you a lot of trouble when you need to pack them away, and you can simply pull them out if the weather or the flight cabin is too cold, or if your destination is seeing a cold snap when you land.

A Simple and Breathable Tee-Shirt

When it comes to travel attire, you should try to simplify things wherever you can. A simple tee-shirt has been the go-to choose for travelers for several decades now, and for good reason. A tee-shirt can take a lot of abuse (like a cramped long-distance flight) and still look reasonably presentable. Breathable weaves ensure that sweat or cabin moisture don’t accumulate, making your flight a whole lot more bearable. It is almost impossible to not feel grimy at the end of a long flight, but think of how easy it is to remove a tee-shirt before jumping into the hotel shower as soon as you check-in. All-in-all, you can never go wrong with a plain and breathable black, white, or grey tee-shirt.

Shades for Direct Sunlight

You may not need sunglasses for the entirety of your travel, but you’ll still find times where they can be a blessing. Airport runways usually have no structures or trees obstructing the sun, so a bright sunny day could really prove annoying. Depending on your flight, you’ll also see direct sunlight while in the air. In both cases, your typical everyday Aviators or Wayfarers are the perfect remedy. That they’ll help you look cool is an added and welcome bonus.

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