How to setup betta fish home environment and manage food ?

You provide your betta fish with a healthy life and you want those fishes live for a long time with you. It is considered that betta fish can live happily in the small bowl happily, but this is not true, though betta fish can survive in a small place and don’t need as much space as other fishes may require, this reduces their life span and are the poor condition to live in. to give your pet a good place to live, you must buy them a right-sized fish tank.

According to the approximate measurements for every inch long fish you require one gallon of water and often bettas require at least 2 to 3 gallons tank to stay happy. The female betta fish like larger tanks. Female Betta can live peacefully with other peaceful community, where male betta fish are aggressive and should be kept in a separate tank.  However, you should keep 1 male or 1 female betta fish in a tank without divider installed in the tank.  Betta fish don’t need aerated aquarium as they can gulp air directly from the surface of the tank.

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Setting up a Betta Fish Tank:

After getting all the required things for setting up an aquarium for your pet fish, it is the time to set up the tank in a proper way for your betta fish. For this move in the following sequence:

  • First of all select a suitable place for keeping your fish tank and keep it in mind that the location should not have high traffic, should not be exposed to direct sunlight but closer to the window for air, should not be at a noisy place and must be closer to the power supply. Place the tank on some firm and strong stand or table.
  • After doing this install all the required filters properly and very carefully in the tank. Keep it in minds that don’t turn on the filters until you add water into the tank.
  • The next step is to add gravel into the bottom of the tank, but rinse gravel properly with water before adding them into the tank to ensure the cleanliness of tank. You will need to add two inches of gravel in the tank for live plants where for silk plants only one inch of gravel will be enough.
  • Now add the plants and decoration to your tank. Place the taller plants at the back side and shorter at the front side of the tank to get a more beautiful view. All the plants and decoration must be anchored properly in gravel so that they won’t get loose upon adding water in the tank. Make your desired decoration before adding water into the tank so that you might not need to add hands into the water again.
  • Start filling the tank with water, after you are done with it turns on the filters carefully and make filter’s adjustments accordingly.
  • Install the heater in the tank to adjust the temperature so that it is suitable for the betta fish. You must adjust the temperature between 78 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure that the light used in the tank should not affect the temperature of the water in the tank.
  • To make water healthy and suitable for betta fish add DE-chlorinator or a dose of SafeStart which is helpful in maintaining a healthy environment in the tank.

Now your tank is fully ready for introducing your pet fish in it.

What Does Betta Fish Eat?

Betta fish is a carnivore in nature which means that they rely on meat and proteins food more for survival. They require a well-balanced diet that is rich in protein. Betta fish can also eat tropical fish flakes as they are tropical fish but they are plant-based and don’t contain the required nutrients and proteins which are found in meat. If tropical fish flakes are the only food you give to your fish then it may cause Swimbladder or bloating disease. Wild Betta fish are hardy and they can eat anything in their environments such as insects, larvae of mosquitoes, worms, and even smaller fish. The betta fish main diet is live food. It is best to feed them a variety of high-quality pellets, flakes, freeze-dried, frozen and live foods.

Betta fish has a small digestive tract because of which they don’t process fillers like wheat and corn, get no benefits from it and pass them off as waste.

Pellets are the most common food for bettas in the market. The best quality pellets have a high proportion of high-quality ingredients that are beneficial for the fish and have lesser filers.

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Freeze-dried food has added filler in them to keep stable. They are free of bacteria and parasites. Only feeding this food can cause bloating and constipation issues.

Betta fish flakes are specifically for betta fish as they contain the protein required for betta fish.

Frozen or live food is a great alternative for betta fish foods but you have to be very careful while feeding this as they often carry bacteria, parasites, and other diseases.

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