I am look sick , the muscles in my hands and feet are less. What can I do to increase it?

Three things you need to add on your meal.

  •  In the morning take 4 eggs.
  • At 3pm chicken breast,
  • 1 glasses of milk with 4 eggs at night.

Diameter! Like John Abraham, the muscle will move toward you, eliminating the elephant.

Muscle growth is highest when there is 40 gram of protein per meal.

That is why they eat more than 40 grams of protein but are not likely to get much muscle.If you miss one mill and eat 40 + 40 = 80 gram of protein in the next, you will not benefit.That means that you will have to meet your daily protein needs on a daily basis.

By eating more than 5 grams of protein, these extra calories will be added to the body as fat but will not grow muscle.40 grams of protein will give you ideal muscle growth (100%). But 20 grams of protein will increase your muscle mass by about 80%.

So if you cannot eat 40 grams of protein, then be satisfied with 20 grams.

You can list your foods to build muscle –

1.Eggs: This source of the most readily available protein contains 3 essential amino acids that help in muscle regeneration. There are also Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin B and Vitamin K.

2. Poultry: The simplest source of lean protein in poultry is found in niacin, vitamin B, iron, selenium and zinc. Chicken breast may be your second choice after eggs to boost muscle.

3. Milk: After exercise, a glass of milk will give you vitamins and minerals, which are very useful for building muscle.

4. Palanzox: A vegetable that is very helpful for muscle building, whose cytokinesteroid will increase your muscle growth by 20%. It will also help in building calcium and iron muscle.

5. Almond: In addition to protein, you will find fiber, vitamin E, magnesium and copper.

Now let’s talk about some exercises. Yoga is more important than any other exercise in building muscle.

Here are 3 yoga for you :

1. Vadrasana: It is named after Birbhadra. He was a warrior and incarnation of Shiva.

It helps to build the muscle mass and elasticity of your flesh. The most interesting part of all is that even though you are named after a warrior, you will feel the elegance of doing so.

credit: arthosuchak

2. setoason: It is very similar to the bridge in terms of texture. You have to do this on an empty stomach every morning and evening.

সেতু বন্ধ্যাসন
credit: arthosuchak

3. Salavasan: It is effective for deep backside of a person and strengthens the back of the torso, legs and intestines.


The writing that I started with at the beginning of the writing is actually fun.

Eggs contain 1 gram, 5g milk in 5 glasses, chicken breasts contain 1 gram protein.

That means about 5 grams of protein will be available from my menulist. Playing so much protein will make Marvel’s light come out !!

Our daily protein demand is 1.5 times the body’s kilogram weight. In that case, a person who weighs 5 kg will need 5 grams of protein daily.

But if you are thinking of growing muscle, you need to add a little extra protein.

If you eat at least 20 grams of protein per day, the muscles of your hands and feet will gradually increase.


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