I have a lot of dreamland, what is the way to get rid of now?

When we sleep, a kind of hormone is released into our body. The function of this hormone is to keep our muscles out of control of our brain. As a result, when we dream, there is no sudden movement. Without this hormone, we would have great difficulty. Because the stability of our dreams is only a short time. In a short time, we would have stopped the hormone if this hormone didn’t work.

In the midst of sleep but other work goes well. For example, digestion process, heart function, blood circulation etc. And one of those tasks is kidney waste disposal. Our kidney is responsible for draining all of our body waste throughout our lives, even without taking any kind of vacation. We are awake even when we are sleeping. And he works awake all night. Kidney does more after sleeping at night. Because then all the other ancillary functions of the body are stopped or almost stopped. The kidney can then use most of the body’s energy.

Kidney’s quick work for us is timeless. Our Urinary Bladder can hold about 5 ml of waste each. The funny thing is, at just 225 milliliters, we get high urine velocity. So when Urinary Bladder deposits two ml in the sleep, the body has to drain it. This intense pressure might have kept you awake if you were awake. But you have no joints on the body. So the body itself takes responsibility for draining it. If you break your sleep, you will naturally feel the velocity and fill the call of nature. But if your genitals are feeling warm then it will be a dream. This warmth calls for your Venus to come out, and as a result Venus comes out. And this is why you dream. It’s not your fault for dreaming. Rather, you dream for guilt.

Now let’s answer your question. The main cause of the underlying dream is genital warming and pressure created on the Urinary Bladder. So there are two remedies:

  •  Before you go to bed, you should sleep in a good manner.
  •  Do not go to bed immediately after dinner. Take some time Sleep for at least 4 hours.
  •  Do not sleep over. It gives rise to various body disadvantages. This is one of the root causes of spinal problems. Besides, this role plays a very important role in the dream. Try to sleep in the saddle, especially the right leg.
  •  Drink water before going to bed, but to a limited extent. Do not drink excess water.

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