Important Hacks To Fix A Broken iphone That Apple Won’t Tell You

There’s no doubt that apple is a full- featured personal computer. It’s true that iphone is global device that uses the international standard GSM protocol. No what they add to its SDK (Software Development Kit), you will always get something important that they left out. And it might be one of the future one of the future killer application.

You can compare your precious iphone with a top- of the- line late- 90’s fast computer. But have you ever think about your broken iphone. However it’s definitely frustrated to see a big damage on your iphone. Of course you can for an expensive Google Pixel screen repair, or put up with it but here you can also go with 3rd option. You’ll be shock to know that you can repair the screen yourself and it is not as difficult as it sounds.

It is important to learn the language of iphone when it comes to hack. Sometimes it may be difficult to know the terms but you don’t worry here are several ways that can help you repair your iphone without any cost charges.

What If Your Screen Is Cracked

Just one drop on a hard surface can increase the chances of your screen damage. For example, you have iphone 6 and by mistake it fell down on the floor and your iphone 6 screen cracked badly. Because cracking or hassle screen becomes one of the most common issues with iphones. It’s good to be repairing your cracked screen as quickly as possible. Probably, you also go for your iphone 6 screen replacement at your nearest apple store and its gone to be very expensive.

Before doing this do your research properly, there are lots of YouTube videos which provide easy and simple way to understand what you actual need to do. Because you can repeat it many more times you want to.

Basic step by step instruction you need to follow:

  1. Before you replace the screen you may need a pentalope screwdriver. With the help of this screwdriver remove the screws on either side of charging port.
  2. Another step removes the display carefully and opens the iphone with the help of tweezers, then lift up the front end of the display. At the end disconnect the cables underneath.
  3. Final step install new display and not forget to reconnect the cables before putting the iphone back together carefully.

For Broken Home Button

You can find many interesting blog posts on internet which instructs you how to fix a broken home button. And you also want to replace that broken home button at yourself instead of going to see in a apple store.

To try it yourself firstly, you should consider a potential software solution. After getting this feature go to Setting, click on General option there you will another option for Accessibility. Once you reach there scroll down to click on “Assistive touch” and slides it continuously until it appears green in color.

And, here you will get your problem fixed.

How To Fix A Broken Battery

If your iphone is old then it’s possible your battery may start cutting out; slowly this problem can get worse. But you needn’t to worry; the good news is that you can also replace the battery of phone by yourself. Keep the patience and the ability and follow all the instructions carefully. It will take around 15 minutes to complete this task.

Tips To Protect From Water Damage

What to do if your expensive gadget dropped down in toilet? And the most disaster situation is when your phone sinks to the bottom and glugging with water.

Here you need to act quickly. Instead of turning on the phone get a plastic bag. Fill up this bag with raw rice and put the phone inside it. Make sure the device is fully immersed. After some time take out the phone from the bag and see the indicator if it is white or silver, you can manage it but still showing red then might need to take your phone at your nearest repairing store.

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