Latest Programming Language Used To Build Mobile Apps 2020

The raid transition that took place in the transformation of mobile app development in recent years is endorsing the concept of mobile app development as a catalyst that is trending to take the businesses to the next level of innovations. From achieving competitive positions in the market to the acquisition of business leads and then widespread exposure, the apps-driven ecosystem of businesses will mean as a quantum leap for the brands and companies in days to come.
The reason why companies afford the concentrated focus on mobile app development is representation of the fact that they want to achieve innovations in their business that can also be made possible using proactive improvisation toward adaptation of cutting-edge mobile app development technologies. However, those familiar with contemporary programming language of the app universe are said to win the rat race. Why? Because mobile app development is all about choosing the right programming language after finalization of your mobile app idea.
Following are some of the most dynamic mobile app development languages known for their salient features.

Java is touted to be one of the most unmistakably-preferred mobile app development languages for programmers that centralize around Google’s Android platform. Since the day it was brought to existence, the programming language of Java went on becoming the most valued programing language held in regards among the community of programmers because of its phenomenal cross-platform support and convenience with which it allows portability of creating apps for diverse operating systems and hardware types.

What makes Java awesome?
It allows reusability and portability of code. It is not restricted to one particular environment. It allows developers to run Java code on browsers and virtual machines. It ensures protection against memory leaks and other issues.
Flexibility, portability and platform-free are certain features of Java language.

Kotlin is the top of the food chains as the latest programing language serves complete interoperation with Java programing language. The use of this programming language went on becoming an intense craze among developers that Google had to declare it as “the preferred language for android app developers.” With the announcement, Google endorsed Kotlin the title of being an undisputed champion of programing languages. The contemporary approach to this programing language and its scalability feature toward programming has permitted developers to interoperate both Java and Kotlin as well as allowing migration to a newer language in due course of time. Besides, the language permits flexibility that developers can choose in replace of other based on preference.

What makes Kotlin awesome?
It improves team efficiency because of its clean and perceptive syntax.It allows interoperability and adaptability and can be interchanged to offset Java’s shortcomings.The installation package of Google and IDE’s support Kotlin fully.
It beats Java over generating simple and compact code.

Apple-designed Swift is believed to be a modern programming language as an ideal replacement of Objective-C, a programming language that Apple used to deploy for its native applications in iOS. Preliminary the idea of launching Swift was to use it for iOS development but its mounting popularity over the years has broadened its application in Windows, macOS, and Linux officially. Talking about unofficial support, the programming language of Apple supports Android as well. Though an open-source language, Swift still maintains to run Objective-C, C, and C++ runtime libraries simultaneously during application of Swift code.

What makes Swift awesome?
It is considered one of the most contemporary programming languages.

1.It is faster and more powerful.
2.It is binary compatible
3.It affords interoperability with Objective-C.

It is one of the newest programming languages, even though it earned its fame for its memory management abilities and security. It allows cross-platform support and can be found applicable in mobile app development based on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, and a host of Unix flavors. Its performance bear resemblance with C and C++ programming languages, but its flexibility for developing native apps or web-based apps have made it one of the greatest development tools among developers.

It is one of the greatest programming languages used to create web-based applications compatible for any device through a browser. Apps based on this programming language allows powerful functionality on any compatible OS and hardware type. HTML5-coded web apps can be paired with frameworks permitting robust functionality of the web apps similar in format as native apps, thus providing unique user-experience.

What makes HTML5 awesome?
1.It is compatibly fitting in any browsers and new features.
2.It has default support of rich media formats including audio and video.
3.Faster loading capacity that works on the mechanism of local storage/cache.
4.It can embed apps based on geolocations, animations and dynamic graphics using CANVAS elements.

Structured Query Language or SQL is one of the most-used programming languages for the purpose associated with communicating, assessing, and manipulating the standard database of various applications. The purpose of SQL is to satisfy specific standards, has mammoth support for large community base and is being used in business intelligence tool platforms.

What makes SQL awesome?
1.It is touted as one of the most reputable query languages.
2.It supports different database choices and is optimised for a large number of table rows.
3.It supports a huge number of transactions.
4.It is dependable to retrieve data, search and data query faster from various tables faster.
5.It features data consistency.

Mobile app development is no longer seen as a casual norm, considering the extensiveness of its power that now brands and companies leverage for their eCommerce business success. The programming languages listed above endorse their popularity in mobile app development, apart from being top choices for developers in various application of designing and building apps for different platforms.

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