Measures you can take to Prevent your Laptop from Overheating

Laptops are very useful in different ways — If you are a gamer, then you can play games online, or can do other work, take online classes etc. But, the most fascinating part is that you can use your laptop from anywhere. Like, for example, if it’s Sunday and you are not at home and suddenly your boss calls you up, and asks you to send a file.


A laptop can be carried easily anywhere so it won’t stress you out. But you face a lot of problems with laptops. One of the major problems that the user’s face is an overheating issue. Overheating can occur due to different reasons. Just like knowing the reasons are important similarly one must also know how to prevent it.


Below are the causes and the prevention of overheating issues. If you are a Dell or HP user, then you should go for their respective laptop repairing Lucknow.

Causes and Prevention of Overheating in Laptop

Due to maximum use laptops can generate heat that might not be good for your laptop. Before preventing, you should know the main causes of laptops getting overheated. You can also contact laptop repair in Lucknow if you face any critical problem. The causes are discussed below:

  1. Blockage in Laptop Exhaust Ducts

Exhausted ducts are located at the side of your laptop. Often you will see that the exhausted ducts are blocked due to dirt and dust. You will also see this in HP laptops, so if you are not confident enough, then you can take help from the HP laptop repair service centre in Lucknow.


So, these are the air ducts that help to release the heat generated. Due to dirt that is accumulated in the ducts, the heat cannot pass through it and your laptop gets overheated. Now, the question comes how to prevent this? For that, you have to clean the ducts. You can also cover your laptop with clothes, but not with heavy ones. Always remember that, if you are not confident enough, then go for a laptop repair service, Macbook repair lucknow.

  1. The surrounding temperature also plays a vital role

It might be possible that your laptop is overheated due to the temperature of the surrounding where you are using it. You will see that even after cleaning the air ducts of the laptop your laptop is still warm, then this can be the cause. Make sure you use your laptop in a cooler place. Suppose, if you are using your laptop in a room then make sure the AC is On or the fan’s speed is up. Warmer temperature will overheat the laptop.

  1. Make sure you have placed your laptop on a proper surface

The improper surface can be one of the reasons why your laptop is overheated. How? Well, the improper surface can be the reason for blocking the air vent. This will not allow the generated air to flow. You can choose a hard, flat and clean surface for the placement of your laptop. Also, see if it has the proper ventilation so that the air can flow freely. Further, you can also use a cooling pad so that your laptop can stand and keep your laptop in the best position while you are busy working.

  1. Clean your laptop fans from getting overheated

Internal laptop fans are used to cool down your laptop automatically when it generates heat. But, if your laptop has faulty fans, then it can be responsible for your laptop getting overheated. After you boost up your laptop, you may find that your laptop fans might not work. So, for that, you are advised to shut down your laptop and after a few minutes later restart it.


So, if you have a damaged capacitor, then also the fan might not work. So, you need to replace the capacitor soon. If you want to take help from any service centre, then you may search by typing “laptop repair near me’.

  1. Hardware can be the reason for your overheated laptop

New hardware installed in your laptop will use more resources and this can be the reason behind your laptop’s getting heated up. You obviously want to update your laptop by adding new elements of RAM or hard disk or even a new sound card. And, you will see that your laptop has started heating up because the installed software is not supported or manufacturer-approved.

  1. Overcharging your laptop can heat up your laptop

Make sure that you don’t overcharge your laptop. Mainly charging depends on the watt of your laptop. If it’s showing 100% charge and still you keep on charging, then your laptop will start heating up. Normally laptops consumed 20-50 watt of electricity. It means you need to charge your laptop a maximum of 8 hours per day. It has been advised that the HP laptop will need a new battery after a few years so that it does not face overheating problems.

  1. Avoid incompatible operating system to prevent overheat

In some laptops, you can change the settings and make sure that your system is running at an optimum temperature. Also, make sure that you purchase a laptop that fulfils all your demands like you are able to check and update your driver. Generally, it has been seen that when you upgrade or install a new operating system your laptop starts getting heated up. Mainly the Windows 10 user faces this problem.

  1. Do not use too many apps together

People often use more than one tab in Chrome and this may lead to overheating your laptop or can often shut it down. Multitasking can hamper your laptop. So, you are advised not to do that. If you are a Dell user, then you may face this problem often. You can contact the Dell laptop service centre in Lucknow, if you face any difficulty.

  1. BIOS update can overheat your laptop

Mainly in Dell laptops, they don’t give you the chance to adjust the fan setting in BIOS. They allow you to make multiple changes in BIOS and you will face the overheating problem when you update your BIOS. You are advised to reverse your BIOS update as it may shut down during the update. You are also advised to go to any laptop repairing centre in Lucknow.

  1. Well-timed maintenance and battery guidance

Like other gadgets laptops also need to have routined-maintenance. All the components that are inside the laptop work only for a limited lifespan, and after a certain time either you need to change it or replace it.


Cleaning can be one of the ways through which you can maintain your laptop from cooling it down. If you see that the overheating problem has just initiated, then you can just go for cleaning the laptop fans. But, if you face any major problem, then you are advised to go to the best laptop repairing centre in Lucknow.

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