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If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.-Orson Welles



I think cinema, movies, and magic have always been closely associated. The very earliest people who made film were magicians.-Francis Ford Coppola



A story should have a beginning, a middle and an end, but not necessarily in that order.-Jean-Luc Godard


Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out.-Martin Scorsese



The sound and music are 50% of the entertainment in a movie.-George Lucas



When people ask me if I went to film school I tell them, ‘no, I went to films.’ – Quentin Tarantino


A film is – or should be – more like music than like fiction. It should be a progression of moods and feelings. The theme, what’s behind the emotion, the meaning, all that comes later.-Stanley Kubrick



Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world.-Jean-Luc Godard



The difference between life and the movies is that a script has to make sense, and life doesn’t.-Joseph L. Mankiewicz



The most honest form of filmmaking is to make a film for yourself.-Peter Jackson



Pick up a camera. Shoot something. No matter how small, no matter how cheesy, no matter whether your friends and your sister star in it. Put your name on it as director. Now you’re a director. Everything after that you’re just negotiating your budget and your fee.-James Cameron



Acting is not about being famous, it’s about exploring the human soul.-Annette Bening



Cinema should make you forget you are sitting in a theater.-Roman Polanski



You know what your problem is, it’s that you haven’t seen enough movies – all of life’s riddles are answered in the movies.-Steve Martin



Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes.-Robert Altman



Citizen Kane is perhaps the one American talking picture that seems as fresh now as the day it opened. It may seem even fresher. – Pauline-Kael



Citizen Kane is perhaps the one American talking picture that seems as fresh now as the day it opened. It may seem even fresher.-Pauline Kael



Movies are like an expensive form of therapy for me.-Tim Burton



A film is never really good unless the camera is an eye in the head of a poet.-Orson Welles




Every great film should seem new every time you see it.-Roger Ebert



The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder.-Alfred Hitchcock



Learning to make films is very easy. Learning what to make films about is very hard.-George Lucas



The secret to film is that it’s an illusion.-George Lucas



Television is chewing gum for the eyes.-Frank Lloyd Wright



Film lovers are sick people.-Francois Truffaut



The directing of a picture involves coming out of your individual loneliness and taking a controlling part in putting together a small world. A picture is made. You put a frame around it and move on. And one day you die. That is all there is to it.-John Huston



Always make the audience suffer as much as possible. – Alfred Hitchcock



The most amazing thing for me is that every single person who sees a movie, not necessarily one of my movies, brings a whole set of unique experiences. Now, through careful manipulation and good storytelling, you can get everybody to clap at the same time, to hopefully laugh at the same time, and to be afraid at the same time.-Steven Spielberg



Everybody’s a filmmaker today.-John Milius



We are the movies and the movies are us.-David Ansen



The end of a picture is always an end of a life.-Sam Peckinpah




I made mistakes in drama. I thought drama was when actors cried. But drama is when the audience cries.-Frank Capra



If the boy and girl walk off into the sunset hand-in-hand in the last scene, it adds 10 million to the box office.-George Lucas



I thought Star Wars was too wacky for the general public.-George Lucas



I don’t think you should feel about a film. You should feel about a woman, not a movie. You can’t kiss a movie.-Jean-Luc Godard



When I was growing up, Dr. Seuss was really my favorite. There was something about the lyrical nature and the simplicity of his work that really hit me.-Tim Burton



A good film is when the price of the dinner, the theatre admission and the babysitter were worth it. – Alfred Hitchcock



Movies can and do have tremendous influence in shaping young lives in the realm of entertainment towards the ideals and objectives of normal adulthood.-Walt Disney




Make them laugh, make them cry, and hack to laughter. What do people go to the theatre for? An emotional exercise. I am a servant of the people. I have never forgotten that.-Mary Pickford



If you’re sitting in your minivan, playing your computer animated films for your children in the back seat, is it the animation that’s entertaining you as you drive and listen? No, it’s the storytelling. That’s why we put so much importance on story. No amount of great animation will save a bad story.-John Lasseter




I was obsessed with romance. When I was in high school, I saw ‘Doctor Zhivago’ every day from the day it opened until the day it left the theater.-John Hughes



Everybody has something that chews them up and, for me, that thing was always loneliness. The cinema has the power to make you not feel lonely, even when you are.-Tom Hanks




The best reason to go to the movies is to be with other people. Eating the popcorn, being with other people you don’t know.-Peter Weller




So I like to try to go back and develop pure visual storytelling. Because to me, it’s one of the most exciting aspects of making movies and almost a lost art at this point.-Brian De Palma


Most of us do not consciously look at movies.-Roger Ebert


You read a script and its based on ‘Reservoir Dogs’ and ‘Pulp Fiction’, and it goes right in the bin.-Tim Roth



It’s the movies that have really been running things in America ever since they were invented. They show you what to do, how to do it, when to do it, how to feel about it, and how to look how you feel about it.-Andy Warhol



To grasp the full significance of life is the actor’s duty; to interpret it his problem; and to express it his dedication. – James Dean




Give me a couple of years, and I’ll make that actress an overnight success.-Samuel Goldwyn



If my films don’t show a profit, I know I’m doing something right.-Woody Allen



Movies are like magic tricks.-Jeff Bridges



A wide screen just makes a bad film twice as bad.-Samuel Goldwyn


I don’t take the movies seriously, and anyone who does is in for a headache.-Bette Davis


A lot of movies are about life, mine are like a slice of cake.-Alfred Hitchcock



A film is a petrified fountain of thought.-Jean Cocteau



I made over forty Westerns. I used to lie awake nights trying to think up new ways of getting on and off a horse.-William Wyler


Horror movies are the best date movies. There’s no wondering, ‘When do I put my arm around her?’-Eli Roth


I’ve made 122 movies, and I daresay there’s a picture of mine showing somewhere in the world every day. – Tony Curtis



I always loved silent movies. I was not a specialist, but I loved them. And when I started directing, I became really fascinated by the format – how it works, the device of the silent movie. It’s not the same form of expression as a talkie. The lack of sounds makes you participate in the storytelling.-Michel Hazanavicius


Every single art form is involved in film, in a way.-Sydney Pollack



Shoot a few scenes out of focus. I want to win the foreign film award.-Billy Wilder


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