Prince Quote

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life.” – Prince



“Always cry for love, never cry for pain.” – Prince




“I had a massive ego. Massive. But that’s not such a bad thing. Because at least you’re aspiring to be something, you consider yourself great because you want to be great.” – Prince



“Despite everything, no one can dictate who you are to other people.” – Prince



“Everyone has their own experience. That’s why we are here, to go through our experience, to learn, to go down those paths and eventually you may have gone down so many paths and learned so much that you don’t have to come back again.” – Prince



“A strong spirit transcends rules.” – Prince




“Every day I feel is a blessing from God. And I consider it a new beginning. Yeah, everything is beautiful.” – Prince



“Time is a mind construct. It’s not real.” – Prince




“I don’t really care so much what people say about me because it usually is a reflection of who they are.” – Prince



“To create something from nothing is one of the greatest feelings, and I would – I don’t know, I wish it upon everybody. It’s heaven.” – Prince



“If you lend your consciousness to someone else, you’re a robot.” – Prince



“When you sit down to write something, there should be no guidelines. The main idea is not supposed to be, ‘How many different ways can we sell it?’ That’s so far away from the true spirit of what music is.” – Prince



“Sometimes it takes years for a person to become an overnight success.” – Prince



“I don’t live in the past. I don’t play my old records for that reason. I make a statement, then move on to the next.” – Prince




“Art is about building a new foundation, not just laying something on top of what’s already there.” – Prince



“Instead of hate, celebrate.” – Prince



“The music, for me, doesn’t come on a schedule. I don’t know when it’s going to come, and when it does, I want it out.” – Prince



“There are people who are unhappy with everything.” – Prince



“I always knew I had a relationship with God. But I wasn’t sure God had a relationship with me.” – Prince



“Sometimes ideas are coming so fast that I have to stop doing one song to get another. But I don’t forget the first one. If it works, it will always be there. It’s like the truth: it will find you and lift you up. And if it ain’t right, it will dissolve like sand on the beach.” – Prince



“Music is real. It affects people; it’s real.” – Prince



“Like books and black lives, albums still matter.” – Prince



“I’ve always understood the two to be intertwined: sexuality and spirituality. That never changed.” – Prince



“Music is music, ultimately. If it makes you feel good, cool.” – Prince



“Hip-hop is very diverse, but if you only focus on one aspect of it, then what you get is this image of Black America that is completely contrary to what actually goes on.” – Prince



“In the tech-savvy, real-time world we all live in today, everything is faster.” – Prince



“Everyone has a rock bottom.” – Prince



“I want to make heart decisions in business. If you can’t do that, you’re not free. I want to be able to dictate which way I’m going to go.” – Prince




“There’s a dark side to everything.” – Prince



“It gets embarrassing to say something untrue because you put it online and everyone knows about it, so it’s better to tell the truth.” – Prince



“When you don’t talk down to your audience, then they can grow with you.” – Prince



“I don’t want anyone to fail, so if you can make money off music even though you can’t sing or dance, that’s genius.” – Prince




“When you wake up, each day looks the same, so each day should be a new beginning.” – Prince



“I ain’t mad at anybody. I don’t have any enemies.” – Prince



“I’ve grown up, everyone’s got to grow up. But there’s something inside me, I’m always going to have that little sort of – how do you say? – child streak.” – Prince



“The hardest thing with musicians is getting them not to play.” – Prince




“I’m not entangled in a bunch of lawsuits and a web that I can’t get out of. I can hold my head up … a happily married man who has his head in order. There isn’t a bunch of scandal in my life.” – Prince



“I learned from Jehovah’s Witnesses that a fatalistic view is counterproductive.” – Prince



“Oh, I love critics. Because they love me. It’s not a joke. They care.” – Prince




“I don’t talk to old people; they try to find ways to stay static. Young folks are the ones with the ideas and constantly moving forward.” – Prince




“So much has been written about me, and people don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong. I’d rather let them stay confused.” – Prince



“Technology is cool, but you’ve got to use it as opposed to letting it use you.” – Prince



“I like to open people’s eyes.” – Prince



“When everyone recognizes Jehovah’s name, then everyone will be happy because everyone will know what to do and how to do it.” – Prince



“I really believe in finding new ways to distribute my music.” – Prince



“The music industry is a matrix that is counter to what is natural and right.” – Prince




“The key to longevity is to learn every aspect of music that you can.” – Prince



“Most bands out there are basically pretty boring. I try to affect people inside their bodies.” – Prince



“You don’t need a record company to turn you into anything.” – Prince



“I pushed the envelope as far as it needed to be pushed, and now it’s on the floor, and people seem to want it to stay there.” – Prince

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