Protect Your Hair At Home with the Use of Olaplex Products from LookFantastic

Our hair goes through a different process and that’s why our hair is so much damaged. Women apply different types of styling creams, hair sprays, various types of shampoos, color treatments, extension treatments, keratin treatments, styling using heated iron, and curling rods. All of these styling and makeovers of our hair have left Singaporean women’s hair dry, brittle, and damaged. To look best, we have spoiled our hair to the core. To recover the damage and make hair soft and manageable, Olaplex has played a very vital product. This miracle brand for hair by the Ordinary has revived many damaged hair. If you are looking for the best variety of Olaplex then head to LookFantastic and use the LookFantastic discount code Singapore to get amazing discounts.

Why Go To The Salon?

Olaplex has an active ingredient that was first used on organ transplant patients to avoid tissue rejection in them. Later this product then was used for hair growth and to reversing the damage done. You might have seen many people using Olaplex at salons and might be surprised to see the results this product brings. Many salons have special deals and treatments using Olaplex products only and for one time use this treatment might be a little expensive, why not get these products at home and use it every week to make your hair even better? LookFantastic provides you the opportunity to solve your entire hair problem providing easy access to Olaplex products. With the use of LookFantastic discount code Singapore, you get some amount slashed off as well.

Make Your Hair Better

The first product to get your hands on is the No 3 Hair Perfector. This product is a hair mask that should be applied generously on damp towel-dried hair and should be left for at least 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse off. This product strengthens all hair types, repairs the damage, and makes dry and brittle hair soft and smooth. This product should be used at least once a week, especially for that hair that is color-treated or is damaged due to the keratin and extension process. Get your hands on the No 3 Olaplex from LookFantastic and avail of discounts on it with the use of LookFantastic discount code Singapore. 

For Those Who Have To Go For Daily Styling Process

If you are someone who is very social or are an influencer, or if you are working in a sector where you have to look well maintained and attractive all the time. Your hair should be made up nicely, especially if you are working in the media sector. Daily styling of hair with the use of heating devices such as straightening iron, blow dry or curling roads damage your hair. Your hair gets frizzy and dry which gets hard to manage on daily basis and hence daily styling is required. For women with such professions, the No 6 Bond Smoother by Olaplex is very much recommended. This leave-in crème helps in reversing the damage and also protections your hair from the heat during styling. Use the LookFantastic discount code Singapore to get this bond smoother at a reasonable price.  


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