Norton is the globally known cyber security company which provides various antivirus programs and other device and network security tools. A powerful scan of Norton antivirus can remove all the dangerous threats from your computer. When you install this antivirus, it creates a layer of protection on your device and secures your device from all the dangerous threats. But if you are getting error 3048 3 while using Norton, you should resolve it before your device gets vulnerable to the threats.

Symptoms of Norton antivirus error 3048 3:

  1. Norton antivirus is not opening
  2. System freezes and error 3048 3 appears on my Norton.
  3. Norton error is appearing with a particular program
  4. The mouse is responding lately
  5. Error 3048 3 is appearing while logging out of the system

Reasons for Norton error 3048:

  1. Your Norton antivirus is not installed properly
  2. User has deleted the Norton related programs mistakenly
  3. Norton related registry files get corrupted
  4. User has installed another security program on the system
  5. Third-party/malicious program is conflicting with Norton
  6. Temporary files are interrupting your Norton program


Best solutions for fixing Norton 3048 3 error:

Check the system specification and reinstall Norton

Your Norton antivirus can show you an error while opening when you have installed an incompatible Norton antivirus on your computer. This type of issue mostly occurs when you transfer Norton license from one device to another. While transferring the license, make sure the platform of both the devices is the same. You can’t transfer your Norton license for Mac on Windows. If you are getting the error while installing a new Norton setup then you should check your device specifications. Make sure the system is fulfilling all Norton requirements. If the Norton is not installed properly then reinstall the setup on your computer.


Repair the Norton antivirus related registry keys

If your registry keys get corrupted or deleted then you need to restore them for troubleshooting the Norton antivirus error. Edit the registry files only when you know the guidelines. If you edit a wrong file then your device may get into other issues. Users should always create a backup key for Norton registry keys before editing. You can easily create a backup for Norton key by following the given steps:

  1. Open your computer
  2. Click on Windows button
  3. Go to the Run bar
  4. Type cmd on your run wizard
  5. Press the Enter button
  6. A permission screen will appear
  7. Click on Yes button
  8. The cmd (command) screen will be displayed
  9. Type Regedit on the screen

Now press the Enter button and the registry editor will be displayed. Click on the Norton related registry files and click on the export button. Save the Norton registry files with .reg extensions and export them to the desktop. Now go to the registry files and edit the corrupted Norton files. After repairing the files, restart your computer and check for the error.


Remove another antivirus 

If your Norton antivirus is showing error while scanning the device then you should check for the conflicting program. If you have another security program like antivirus or firewall then uninstall it. If you have installed a personal firewall then disable Norton firewall. Uninstall another security program from your device and remove all the related files. After removing the files, restart your device and again try to run Norton antivirus.


Delete the temporary files

The temporary files can interrupt your Norton antivirus. You need to remove all the temporary files from your computer and delete the junk files. You can delete the junk and temporary files on a Windows computer by using the clean manager tool. Here are the steps for cleaning the junk:

  1. Go to the run bar on a Windows device
  2. Type cmd and press the Enter button
  3. A permission popup will be displayed
  4. Click on Allow button
  5. The command screen will be displayed

Type cleanmgr on the screen and press the Enter button. This Windows tool will start scanning your computer for the junk files. You have to wait until you see a list of items on the screen. Now choose the files you want to delete and click on the OK button. After removing all the junk from your computer, restart your device and try to run Norton antivirus.


Revert the recent changes in computer

If your Norton antivirus is showing you the 3048 error after making any change on the computer then you need to revert the change immediately. The change of your system may interrupt your program and start showing the error. If you remember the steps then revert the change manually otherwise you can also use the Windows system restore tool.


Reinstall Norton antivirus

If the Norton program files get deleted or corrupted then reinstalling Norton will fix the error. Delete Norton setup and related files from your device and then reinstall the Norton setup on your computer. If you are unable to fix the Norton program manually then ask the technical team for help.


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