Sympathy Quotes

That though the radiance which was once so bright be now forever taken from my sight. Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendor in the grass, glory in the flower. We will grieve not, rather find strength in what remains behind.-William Wordsworth



Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.-Norman Cousins



Grief is the price we pay for love.-Queen Elizabeth II



Here bring your wounded hearts, here tell your anguish; Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal.-Thomas Moore



Unable are the loved to die, for love is immortality.-Emily Dickinson


Grief changes shape, but it never ends. – Keanu Reeves


The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.-Albert Schweitzer



One’s life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others, by means of love, friendship, indignation and compassion.-Simone de Beauvoir



It’s sad when someone you know becomes someone you knew.-Henry Rollins


Life has never been easy. Nor is it meant to be. It is a matter of being joyous in the face of sorrow.-Dirk Benedict



Loss and possession, death and life are one, There falls no shadow where there shines no sun.-Hilaire Belloc


There is no pain so great as the memory of joy in present grief.-Aeschylus



The loss of a friend is like that of a limb; time may heal the anguish of the wound, but the loss cannot be repaired.-Robert Southey



Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength.-Corrie Ten Boom



No matter how prepared you think you are for the death of a loved one, it still comes as a shock, and it still hurts very deeply.-Billy Graham



There is no greater sorrow than to recall happiness in times of misery. – Dante Alighieri



When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions.-William Shakespeare



What is lovely never dies, But passes into other loveliness.-Thomas Bailey Aldrich




The only cure for grief is action.-George Henry Lewes



Grief is a normal and natural response to loss. It is originally an unlearned feeling process. Keeping grief inside increases your pain.-Anne Grant



Sorrow can be alleviated by good sleep, a bath and a glass of wine.-Thomas Aquinas



What does love look like? It has the hands to help others. It has the feet to hasten to the poor and needy. It has eyes to see misery and want. It has the ears to hear the sighs and sorrows of men. That is what love looks like.-Saint Augustine



Truly, it is in darkness that one finds the light, so when we are in sorrow, then this light is nearest of all to us.-Meister Eckhart



Excess of grief for the dead is madness; for it is an injury to the living, and the dead know it not.-Xenophon



Flowers grow out of dark moments.-Corita Kent


You don’t go around grieving all the time, but the grief is still there and always will be. – Nigella Lawson


Happiness is beneficial for the body, but it is grief that develops the powers of the mind.-Marcel Proust



I am not interested in picking up crumbs of compassion thrown from the table of someone who considers himself my master. I want the full menu of rights.-Desmond Tutu


Sorrow is so easy to express and yet so hard to tell.-Joni Mitchell




Any mind that is capable of real sorrow is capable of good.-Harriet Beecher Stowe




I think loss of loved ones is the hardest blow in life.-Marlo Thomas



There is no grief like the grief that does not speak.-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow



Tears are the silent language of grief.-Voltaire



When you lose a person you love so much, surviving the loss is difficult.-Cristiano Ronaldo



The dew of compassion is a tear.-Lord Byron



Sorrow is a fruit. God does not make it grow on limbs too weak to bear it. – Victor Hugo



Let no one weep for me, or celebrate my funeral with mourning; for I still live, as I pass to and fro through the mouths of men.-Quintus Ennius


From the end spring new beginnings.-Pliny the Elder


It is a great consolation for me to remember that the Lord, to whom I had drawn near in humble and child-like faith, has suffered and died for me, and that He will look on me in love and compassion.-Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart



Almost all of our sorrows spring out of our relations with other people.-Arthur Schopenhauer



Grief can’t be shared. Everyone carries it alone. His own burden in his own way.-Anne Morrow Lindbergh



To desire and expect nothing for oneself and to have profound sympathy for others is genuine holiness.-Ivan Turgenev



Excessive sorrow laughs. Excessive joy weeps.-William Blake



Developing our sympathetic compassion is not only possible but the only reason for us to be here on earth.-George Saunders



People who drink to drown their sorrow should be told that sorrow knows how to swim.-Ann Landers



Grief knits two hearts in closer bonds than happiness ever can; and common sufferings are far stronger links than common joys. – Alphonse de Lamartine



Only by joy and sorrow does a person know anything about themselves and their destiny. They learn what to do and what to avoid.-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



Bear and endure: This sorrow will one day prove to be for your good.-Ovid



Those who weep recover more quickly than those who smile.-Jean Giraudoux



A sorrow’s crown of sorrow is remembering happier times.-Alfred Lord Tennyson



When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.-Khalil Gibran



If we wait until our lives are free from sorrow or difficulty, then we wait forever. And miss the entire point.-Dirk Benedict



If you suppress grief too much, it can well redouble.-Moliere



Come away, O human child: To the waters and the wild with a fairy, hand in hand, For the world’s more full of weeping than you can understand.-William Butler Yeats



I say to people who care for people who are dying, if you really love that person and want to help them, be with them when their end comes close. Sit with them – you don’t even have to talk. You don’t have to do anything but really be there with them.-Elisabeth Kubler-Ross



A sympathetic friend can be quite as dear as a brother. – Homer



Grieve and mourn for yourself not once or twice, but again and again.-Morrie Schwartz


Not without hope we suffer and we mourn.-William Wordsworth

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