MUSICPANDIT – If you are passionate about music and have a deep quest for learning it, then Music Pandit is the perfect online destination for you! This virtual music institute provides quality music education to aspiring musicians and it is FREE of charge! The FREE courses are in the fields of Hindustani Vocals, Western Vocals, Piano Lessons, Keyboard Lessons (English Songs or Bollywood Songs) and Guitar Lessons (English Songs or Bollywood Songs). The institute promises FREE access to all your preferred courses. To find out how you can avail them, simply WhatsApp +91 96862 11488.

Music Pandit cultivates a lifelong music learning habit in students and inspires them to discover their talent through online music learning. It recommends a minimum starting age of 12 plus years. The institute takes pride in its quality courses and expert tutors and through pre-recorded online lessons and one-on-one mentorship guides students to achieve their musical goals. Music Pandit provides students with 100 plus quality pre-recorded videos to learn from. Courses are divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. There are quizzes and assessments as well as feedback from mentors and finally certification that the student receives from the institute.

The Hindustani Vocals Course is taught by classical singer and contemporary musician, Ranit Mandal. The beginner course is meant for contemporary vocalists and emphasises on providing a solid foundation for the aspirant’s musical development through the perfect blending of theory and practical application. The course includes the basics of music, an understanding of the student’s voice, technical exercises, writing and reading music, workout pieces, aural practices, music theory, improvisation techniques, general musicianship and music appreciation.

The intermediate-level course will train students in the varied ways in which they can use the fundamental knowledge they have gained in order to contribute better to a song. Students will learn about Chaartaal and varied scales. They will be taught to have an excellent command of theoretical knowledge so that they can execute songs with practicality and elegance.

Finally, the advanced course will teach students more advanced techniques, scales, Raags, and varied ways to use them. These can be applied to any song to make it sound unique. They will also learn newer terms like Komal Swar, Teevra Swar or Vikrut Swar and new scales like Raag Bhupali and Raag Darbari. In a crux, students will learn different patterns designed to make these scales and notes second nature.

The Western Vocals Course is taught by contemporary singer and musician, Serah John who has been trained by some of the best vocal instructors in the world. This course is also divided into three levels. The beginner level course comprises the fundamentals of music, understanding of the music students voice, technical exercises, comprehension of musical reading and writing, aural practices, improvisation techniques, music appreciation, workout pieces and general musicianship.

The intermediate-level course will train students in more complex vocal techniques like Embouchure, correcting Nasal Voice, Vocal projection, Vocal Vibrato, bringing emotions and dynamics into the students singing and more. Students will also be introduced to varied singing styles in popular music genres and be guided on developing their unique singing style. It will also teach the techniques with song application and cover global favourite songs with excellent practice routines.

The advanced course is geared to help students fine-tune their voices and gain complete control over them. Students will be given a thorough understanding of different tones and be taught when and how to use them. They will learn pentatonic major and minor scales and to improvise on them. They will also learn harmony and to express themselves as singers. Finally, the institute will also teach them how to care for their vocal health and to prepare for performances whether they be on stage, in studios or online.

The Guitar Lessons are taken by musician and session artist, Sherin Winstent. It is a beginner level course and teaches students to play their favourite songs on the guitar. The course trains students in the basics of guitar, learning chords, understanding of rhythm and strumming patters using which they will be able to play over 100 English or Bollywood songs (depending on the course they choose). Additionally, there will also be quizzes, practice sessions and feedback from the teacher!

The Piano Lessons and Keyboard Lessons will be taught by instructor, musician and session artist, Lionel D’Mello who has performed with top artists across India. The piano course is for contemporary pianists and combines practical application with theory. It comprises the fundamentals of music and of instruments with technical exercises, aural practices, sight-reading, music theory and quizzes, practice routines and general musicianship. While the keyboard course comprising teaching scales, chords, beginner techniques and operations and is designed to train students to start playing the keyboards within a couple of months.

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