To-do List when Visiting Georgia’s Historic City, Savannah

Savannah has endless exciting things, and this list of activities will make you want to add this town to your ideal vacation list.

List when Visiting Georgia’s Historic City

Savannah is one of the most elegant towns in the entire United States. This town also has a vital role in American History. The fascinating thing is that it is a pedestrian favorite among the whole family, and the price may be a bit cheaper than Charleston and more tractable than New Orleans. Savannah is not limited to this. Walk around some of our favorite sights and sounds in this city, and you will be eager to come back in the coming year. From roaming through scenic squares to participating in iconic festivals, you will discover that some of the best activities in Savannah don’t even cost a dime.

The Best Things To Do in Savannah

Visit the famous Parks and Squares.

Savannah is different from many other southern cities in its layout. The streets are grid-like and usually surrounded by small parks or squares, traditionally centered on famous Georgian statues. Even if there are no benches now, Chippewa Square is still called the Forrest Gump bus scene. Johnson Square was the first established square in the city, and Oglethorpe Square paid tribute to the city’s founder. Although Forsyth Park is not literally a square, still, it is the most beautiful park in Savannah.


Interact with the city on the trolleybus

Take the historic “hop-on hop-off” tram tour of Old Savannah Tours to get acquainted with this beautiful city. You can explore 16 stops, but even if you don’t get off the bus, it only takes 90 minutes for the round trip. There is plenty of time. And ask Angel (Angel). She will make the funniest rotation of history. Make American Airlines Reservations and visit Georgia’s Historic town. You can reserve seats in advance for the hop-on-hop-off celebrated Savannah full-day trip by trolley.


Narrow Skidways kayak

Skidaway Narrows is a coastal waterway located in Skidaway Island State Park, where you can go on fun kayaking trips. Rowing along the channel, you will discover the winding canal, branching into several forest creeks. During the tour, you will not only have the opportunity to spot dolphins swimming nearby, but it is also an ideal place for bird watching. You may find yourself mixed with some southern birds such as bald eagles, ospreys, egrets, and pelicans.


Shop until your pocket says NOO!

Savannah has now become a trendy location for those who love shopping! From trendy hip clothes to the goods made in Savannah, you can buy the perfect souvenir to take home from Savannah. Satchel is one of our favorites, and it is a leather goods boutique owned by SCAD graduates. You can go shopping in one of the best places in Savannah and satisfy the shopper head in you until you have nothing to spend for shopping.


Examine the Statues

When you are in the square, don’t miss almost every statue. Give a Wave to the statue of Johnny Mercer within the famous Ellis Square. Then walk aside the statue of James Oglethorpe standing tall in the renowned Chippewa Square, get doe-eyed by “Columbia” statue in the similar named Square, Nathanael Greene statue in sir Johnson Square and William Jasper Sergeant’s statue in Madison Square, and John Wesley in Reynolds Square. And don’t leave behind the “Waving Girl” statue on River Street.


Stroll along the most beautiful North American street

The most famous North American Street was rated as one of the most beautiful areas by “Southern Life.” That’s it, so do not dare to miss a stroll along this quaint tree-lined path of Jones Street. Bonus: Mrs. Wilkes’ boarding room restaurant is also nearby. Therefore, first, taste some of the best food in the South, and then walk away in a beautiful style.


Participate in the “Ghost Hearse Tour”

Just because a simple ghost tour is not creepy enough, take a hearse tour. Savannah’s “Grace Ghost Tour” will tell you a story in a city that was once a real hearse. The long history can be traced back to 1733, so the supernatural side of Savannah also caused an uproar. Find out why Savannah is named “America’s Most Haunted City” and hear stories about souls that pass and stay when walking through a cemetery or cycling around town.


Pay a visit to Bonaventure Cemetery.

The Bonaventure Cemetery is the mostly renowned and unforgettable cemetery with amazing statues, impressive tombs, and exciting residents. You can explore in many ways. You can take part in the mysterious after-get off work hike or do other more unique explorations. The Segway of Savannah will take you to fashionable places without much walking. Make Spirit Airlines Reservations and enjoy a perfect day out in Savannah or spend a few days exploring it all.

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