Top 10 Android 11 Features That You Must Know

The stable version of Android 11 is ready for users, and the update is available for many devices. But before you update, you will want to know what new features it offers. Therefore, here are all the most important new things that will enhance your experience from our Android 11 Features Post.

In terms of functionality and interface, Android is already a mature operating system. Hence the new update refines the user interface a little bit. That’s not to say there aren’t new features of android 11 here.

1. Chat Bubbles

Chat bubbles will let you manage conversations right on your home screen. This works the same as FB messenger bubbles, but other messaging apps will also be able to utilize them efficiently.

If you long-press on the notification and select the option to open in a bubble, bubbles will appear. As well, a chat bubble for a conversation can be opened by simply long-pressing a message notification and tapping ‘Show in chat bubble’.

2. Conversations

In Android 11, Google aims to simplify the way you find conversational notifications in your notification shade. Conveniently tucked right above the notification panel are the ‘Conversations’ sections of all message threads.

Moreover, long-pressing on any notification in the conversations section displays a bunch of options including the ability to open the conversation in a bubble, add a shortcut to the conversation directly on the home screen, or mark it as important. It’s one of the biggest android 11 features to get.

3. Copy-paste in Notification Shade

Android 11 brings a new interesting feature for you if you frequently reply to messages directly from your notification shade.

In the notification panel, you can copy and paste images from, say, Google Chrome into a reply section of notification to send them across. Now you don’t need to open the messaging app just so you can attach a picture to your reply. That’s definitely helpful.

4. Improved Permissions

Google has been making Android safer with each update. Last year, with Android 10, the company overhauled the way location permissions are granted to apps and gave us slightly more control over an app’s access to our location data.

In Android 11, Google has made controls over location permissions even stronger. They’ve also added more granular controls for the camera, microphone, and contacts.

Now the latest Android R offers a new ‘Only this time’ option that lets an app see your location for that one time. There is also no ‘Always allow’ option, so apps that need location access all the time must get approval from Google.

Additionally, you can now grant apps a single-time access pass to your camera and microphone to ensure they don’t try to access either at the same time that makes the new Android 11 Features Even better than Android 10 Features.

5. Default Screen Recorder

It’s Another feature that first appeared with Android Q last year, but was later removed before the release of Android 10 — the screen recorder — has returned with an enhanced UI.

From the Quick Settings panel, you can access the built-in screen recorder. Tapping on it starts a timer that lasts three seconds, followed by a notification that lets you stop, pause, or cancel the screen capture.

Although there are no settings for changing the resolution, recording internal audio, or setting an orientation for screen recordings, hopefully, those features will appear in future updates.

5. Improved Do Not Disturb

It features better management of DND exceptions, something that I am pretty excited about. As you know, Android 10 had DND exceptions, but there are now better, more organized categories like People, Apps, and Alerts.

Therefore, you can set do not disturb exceptions for specific callers, specific apps, or just let alarms and reminders ring regardless of the DND status on your phone. That’s pretty cool.

6. Scheduled Dark Mode

Google finally added a native, system-wide dark mode to Android 10 last year, and it appears the company is offering an improved version for this year. In particular, the company has added the option to schedule dark mode so that it turns on and off automatically.

You can set a custom time or let the timer adjust itself based on sunset and sunrise times in your area. This is something I really wanted on Android since using dark mode all day long just gets to be annoying, but using it after sunset is a whole lot better when outside.

7. Pin Apps in the Share Menu

This feature was originally included in Android 10 betas but ended up being removed later. That’s because of a bug in Android’s OS.

By doing this, you can make sure that the apps you most use stay on top and that random apps don’t get replaced just because you’ve used them once and can’t get rid of them.

8. Bluetooth is no longer disconnected when Airplane Mode is turned on

Many people complain that turning on Airplane mode switches off Bluetooth as well. That’s one of our Android 11 features we’d like to see.

The good news is that with Android 11, this is no longer the case. So the next time you board your flight with your headphones on, you can enable Airplane mode without having to turn on Bluetooth again and wait for your headphones to reconnect.

9. Super Power Menu

Android 11 has the super Power Menu, which lets you manage your IoT devices, banks/payment providers, and an emergency button from the same window.

10. Media Controls Carousel

The Media Controls carousel can be accessed from Quick Settings. Users can continue watching a movie after a session gets closed/canceled or even after a device reboot.

So, here we have highlighted the top 10 Android 11 Features that make your 2021 more better and colorful. Also, there are some major features that may be different on smartphones due to the use of custom UI.

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