Top 5 Apps for TEFL Teachers in 2021

Earlier making students aware of technological skills was a part of education. In the last few months, the scenario has changed completely. Now technology has become the primary source of knowledge and an integral part of education. The need for technology has boomed surprisingly for students as well as teachers.

Integrating this tech-savvy world with learning has proven a milestone for all of us especially in the crisis of deadly infection around the world. Teenagers and youngsters are well aware of technological tools like apps, programs, data transfer and much more. Students find it easy to deal with such aspects but what about the other side of the coin?

What about the educators who own the responsibility to develop digital native youngsters?

Teachers are the one who educates and share knowledge thus technology-based tools should be user friendly for them to pass on the knowledge. Teaching can be made easier with the help of the apps specially designed for educational purposes. If you are a TEFL teacher then introducing the students with the details of the language is quite tricky. TEFL certification allows you to deal with students from different countries thus good interaction with the students is the key.

Few excellent apps can make your job easier. These apps carry every record about the class in your mobile laptop or tablets.


  1. FluentU

FluentU is a language learning and teaching app as the name suggests. This app for you to take the lectures smoothly and efficiently. Its user-friendly design considerably reduces the confusion. Authentic videos and quality content of this app are fascinating. These videos give the students exposure to real-life language speaking which results in the easy approach of language learning. Teachers can engage their students by using these features wisely.

Lots of theory and text can sound boring for students thus use of FluentU can bring their excitement back in learning. Students can find it interesting to learn along with the fun quizzes on this app. The interactive captions are one of the unique features it offers. If you do not know the meaning of any word you can click on that word in the caption. Not only the meaning of that word will pop up but also related images and its use in a sentence will appear. Students can easily relate to the image and the word. This is a simple yet effective way of learning a new language.

TEFL teachers can circulate small questions on the topic and students can add their answers. Similarly, homework and projects can be allotted to the students on. The built-in language lessons and interesting exercises increase the engagement of students in topics.


  1. Teacherskit

TeacherKit app focuses on classroom and student data management. Before lectures teachers need to spend time on the topics to be taught. Along with this a lot of paperwork for keeping the records seems hectic. TeacherKit app makes it easier and paperless as well. The backups help to derive past topics and data. You can add your assessment on the assignments using this app. You can keep the record of grades of each student with their basic information. Based on the attendance and student’s involvement in studies, you can add your remarks and suggestions.

Built-in calendar in this app enables you to keep a record of everyday topics. In case you lose any printed attendance sheet or grades sheet you can easily derive it from TeacherKit. Its great perk is it can be installed on your mobile which means you can keep the whole data about students in your pocket. Moreover, you can connect with the parents and keep them updated about the process of their ward. This helps to create transparency for the parents as well. Millions of teachers find TeacherKit is a time saver.


  1. StudyBlue

Do you find it easy to keep very short notes and use later?

If yes, you might have used lots of paper and sometimes lost it. Now it’s easy and comfortable to carry all these notes in your device. StudyBlue is an app that allows you to create flashcards of important topics. Teachers can circulate these flashcards to their students as a reference to the related topic.

Apart from flashcards, StudyBlue app features the customisation of quizzes, short assignments and reference study material for the students. Language learning can be done by using the audio facility of this app. This can help to correct the pronunciation of your students.

This app allows students to create their flashcards as well. The engagement of students in solving quizzes and submitting assignments results in interactive learning.


  1. Kahoot

Youngsters love gaming right. You must have seen their excitement when it comes to gaming and fun. What if this excitement is utilised to gain knowledge?

Kahoot is an app that can creatively enhance the learning process. This app avails the teachers to create short fun games related to the topic they taught. A whole classroom can play these games at the same time. Trying to answer maximum questions correctly can develop a healthy competitive spirit among students.

The multiple-choice questions can be customized for language introduction which help TEFL teachers. These games can focus on the details of the language and can boost the language proficiency of your students.

It can be observed that the things we notice in fun times are stored in our mind for a long period. Thus, the visual graphics of games in Kahoot can help the students in the long term. Kahoot app can introduce a different approach of learning to your students.


  1. Edmodo

Edmodo is an all-in-one app. Here you can create an account for all your lectures. The app allows you to keep every single data about your classroom. You need to invite your students. They can enter the lecture using class code which also gives security. The attendance record, grades and performance record can be easily saved in this app.

You can also invite parents and organize a meeting. For assignments and projects, the same platform can be used. Circulating quizzes, raising polls and posting suggestions for students can enrich the interactive environment. Above all, you can bring all the classes of your institute on this platform and carry the lectures of different sections efficiently. Thus, Edmodo is one of the best learning apps.


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